Monday, 25 February 2013

Here's where the story ends....

HELLO :) how have we all been? It has been super long since I have blogged, I know this is really bad, but I have been ill.. and I mean super ill, too ill to blog :( but I am happy to announce I am back.. 

I decided to shorten my weekly posts I would do a mid week one with the Artist of the week (AOTW) and Inspiration and a 'if money was no option' 

I hope you all Enjoy...

Before I jump on the band wagon (see what i did there?!) I have a little story to share!
my cousin told me on Sunday "Aren't you a little old to like one direction?" I don't think I have ever been so offended... I love one direction! In some ways I am a little ashamed to admit it, but I think about 90% of me isn't ashamed at all!!! I love them ahaha :') 

So my darlings, this weeks artist comes a classic! A band called 'the Sundays' formed in 1980 by the lead singer Harriett Wheeler and Guitarist David Gavurin at University! I came accross the song
'Here's Where The Story Ends' again when I was on my dads Itunes and I have been hooked! the video is linked down below. 'Summer time' was their highest ranking song in terms of charts,but 'Here's where...' is my fave ;)

If money were no option...
This week I am in desperate need of something to wear that is really nice for my interview at UCA Epsom.. if any of you are opting to do a Fashion Journalism course there and you have an interview.. I shall see you there my darlings :)
But I need something super amazing to wear..

This little number I found on Asos, its £95 and I think with leather jacket/blazer and a little clutch bag or a satchel it will look beaut :) and its something if money grew on trees I would be buying faster than light.

As far as fashion goes this week, I am loving wearing Neon colours whether it be on my nails or via a statement piece of jewellery! my moto for this coming season "go bright or go home" inspired from the very classy song from Will.I.Am, hey that dude is just incred when it comes to big tunes *of course I am joking, but that song has been in my head for the past week*
This week for me is all about wearing smart clothes to see which outfit I like best for Thursday..I am super worried about this guys! I really hope everything goes well *fingers crossed* but my mum and dad are coming along with me.. so this should be a nice little outing :P 



As always you can find these pictures on my Tumblr :)
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See you at the weekend 

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Wonderful Wellies!

Hello my Lovelies I hope you are all feeling well! This Weeks Word as you can see is.. Crêpe! And no I don't mean the French pancake! This is a light soft thin fabric of silk, cotton, wool, or another material, with a crinkled surface. Also called crape*no silliness please madam, I see your laughter* So there is your little fact of the day there!
If Money Was No Option? (IMWNO) I would buy the new Dolce & Gabbana - Sicily Classic tote in the colour duck egg blue with a hint of mint green in... It doesn't say the colour.. but I ADORE THIS.
What happened this week?
Nothing. Not even joking! I had my busy week last week with my busy social life etc, but this week I have been working really hard on my English course work analysing poetry which after 3 days my friends gets very very tedious D: but I have weeks more of this.. With all this work I will have no life at all, which makes me really sad!
However, me and my little group of friends have a great gathering on a Wednesday afternoon for a catch up as we aren't always together, we like to call it.. 'Coffee club' we are so cool when it comes to names and we just have a chit chat and have a drink and chat about things, but this week was significant as all 7 of us went and this hasn't happened since Crimbo. 

WELL DONE TO US. *applause*

This week I have been addicted to Imagine Dragons. It is this very band that has kept me going all week, all of their songs are super catchy and there isn't one song I don't like!
They are an American band who formed in 2008 in LA. Their new album 'Night Visions' is out now, and I highly recommend it!
This is one of their songs, which is my FAVE:  Tiptoe I hope you all enjoy this band as much as I do

This weeks little feature is... *drum roll*.. Wellie reviews! I figured since we are getting heaps of rain, some people will be wearing their wellingtons and so I thought it would be nice to share with you my Favourites, some which are a tad expensive, some really cheap, some funky and some really plain :)

1. This little list would be nowhere without seeing some Hunter. I love hunter wellies and yes they are very pricey, but they last and last and last! I have a plain pair in black, but they are really muddy so I will show you a piccy of the actual wellie

2. Something many will not be familiar with is the shop 'Yorkshire Trading' now it seems lame, but they do indeed have a brand of clothing called.. 'Ryedale' kudos to them for the great name! But saying this they do some really funky wellies and in fact when I was younger I had a rather Jazzy pair from here ;)

The next best thing to Hunter, Joules. This is a really good brand of wellie and they don't just do plain colours! They do the odd funky pattern here and there, which is always a good thing! My mum has a plain Purple pair, here is the pair we have at home :) I will also put in a Jazzier pair :)
4. All the 'Lads' out there will be wondering 'where is a wellie for me?' well fear not. The rigga boot is making an appearance . although technically not a wellie, they are a very good waterproof shoe to wear in the rain and if you are going to build a house.. so these boots have top marks for the wear and tear! My dad recommends these... and if he likes them then, they are a great shoe!

5. Lastly I am just going to throw in some Wellies which I adored in my childhood, and I always wore them with a stripey sock... I was one coolio kid! They are Barbie wellies with a Heel.. they are the bees knee's :P

In Stead of inspiration, I thought why not do an OOTW.. This week *drum roll*

 Jumper: French Connection
Necklace: H&M
Leggings: Jack Wills 
'A' Bracelet: Accessorize
Clover Bracelet: Miss Selfridge
Silver Ball Bracelet: Gift for my 18th
I think I might mix it up each week with inspiration and what I am wearing.. hope you like this idea :)
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