Saturday, 29 September 2012

Party & POTW

well i dont think i have posted a post all week this week! whats happening to me? i think i should just not do my school work.. i kid! I am still trying to conjure up some form of plan so i can post and do work! it will happen at some point! 

So last night i went to a party and got pretty bad,, obvs to get myself in preparation for my 18th next week, i needed to prepare myself somehow? right?

So with my 18th well underway with plans, i need some form of idea for makeup - i am going to post next week me in my dress, to show you all (i can see the anticipation)
And also my tan, it's kind of weird, but i am terrible at tanning as one of my previous posts stated.. i will never learn :')

POTW (picture of the week): those who know me well, know that i am a very random person and i am never serious, never. So this feature will just be a picture of me just being myself :') 
Top: topshop (old)
Nails: Bourjois in red

my obsession of the week: American X Factor... omg it's actually amazing! i prefer it loads more tot he English one (i am sorry) as you can imagine i am sat in my conservatory watching it, whilst posting and drinking tea.. My life is a sham.. but i am hungover so i dont think it matters.. right? however there is way too many breaks, there is one act and then to follow a huge break... with adverts.. sort it out ITV sort it out.

on another note... 18 in a week.. not that i am excited or anything :/

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Friday, 21 September 2012

Well That's Annoying!

Got called a 'sad bitch' today :/ and i asked this chap why. And he said 'because all you do is spend your time reading fashion magazines, blogging and watching LFW.. you wont do well. Your just a sado really get over yourself' 
well Mr. i can say one thing its not sad because it's something i want to go in to and i spend my time how i wish! It's better than playing Pokemon all the time -.-
okay i am done whining!

Piccy of the week: 

my nana's hat, in a little town where she lives <3

If there is one question i get asked most frequently it would be 'Where do you do write your blog? And what do you use for inspiration?' 
well those who live in the county ryedale, i do most of my blogging in a little cafe in a town called helmsley. It's really quite in there and just so small and pretty and they do awesome brownies! But if i can't get there i usually write in my room with some soothing music on e.g coldplay! i find if i sit in my PJ's with some tea, that can make all the difference! My inspiration comes from my friends due to what they talk about, Food so what i am really into that day or week. What my mood is like, if i am in a bad mood or someone says something that inspires me to tell you guys about that! Also just by the news of fashion and music and also what people wear and the things i buy!
A huge mixture of things inspire me! If there is one thing that i take with me it is my little New York Notebook which my mum got me when she went away, it's small so it fits in my bag but just right so i can fit everything in there! 

London Fashion Week... omg! i wish i was there! it was amazing, i think i have watched all the shows online or on this style app i got!
it was so inspiring and i especially liked the Mulberry and the J.W. Anderson shows (y) deeply depressed that i wasn't there to watch it :/ One day. One day!

Obsession of the week: My clearasil night cleansing cream! i found it in poundland! and i thought it's a pound, i shall try it! oh my days i think its so so good :D it has prevented my breakouts, i am impressed

Dissapointment of the week: Nairs Wax removal strips.... I was deeply annoyed with these as my friend recommended them to me! and so i tried and it left all the wax on my leg.. and did nothing, i shant be buying these ever again. 

Bargain of the week: Ruby & Millie eyelash curlers! i love them, i think they do the job like anyother ones you can buy... but hey i got them cheap (cant remember how much..) but they do the job and i love it :D 

School Outfit Of The Day (SOOTD): 

please excuse the awful facial expression... 
this was the best one.. D:

Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Top: Miss Selfridge
Jeans: Pippa - Topshop (very old discontinued.. had them in yr 8)
scarf: H&M (old)

Still in shock i fit into those jeans, possibly the best thing ever!!

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Inspiration Anyone?

This weather recently has put me in such a top mood :) i am wearing so many colours and everyday i feel more and more inspired each day.. (deep) 

i have found my self reminiscing on many childhood 90's programmes,, my fave Tots Tv.. OMG so good! 'Saque Magique' oh lord. the best thing evs! the main reason for doing this other than i am mad is the fact i turn 18 in 3 weeks... EXCITED! i think i might do some posts on what i am going to wear to my party and my make-up and things, i like to keep you all informed ;)

I apologise foe the delayed post - been back over a week and i have so much work on i think i am going to explode haha! I have been so tired because of it all WAH! 

So this week, i have mainly been wearing my shorts with a polo top and a dress yesterday so that's pretty chilled but yet again we are very smart at the same time :D




I love all of these images i think the lantern ones are so pretty, would love to set off a lantern into the sky ans watch it fly away :) You can find all these images on My tumblr which is linked in my Pages bar above, or on Tumblr, they aren't any of my own piccys, they are ones i have reblogged or found :)

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fancy Some Shopping?

New food addiction, Fruit and Nut bars by cadburys. Oh my lord they are so yummy! Love it when you aren't expecting to find a raisin and you do! The most amazing feeling ever!

I thought today I would share with you my Top 5 (10 would take forever!) online shopping stores, because I have been doing lots of online shopping in the past week! With each link I will say my favourite product. These stores can range from Jewellery to clothes to shoes :) Hope you like it (This is no order as i love all of these so much, and they aren't too expensive either woo!)

1. I love this store so much, there is so may items which I will be buying! However there is one that really catches my eye! It is a black blouse with a denim studded collar. WOW. 
see what i mean?!

2. This store is great as everything is rather cheap so I can buy lots of things! One item that has really caught my eye is a Leather Skater Skirt which has a studded top! It's only £20 :O It's very similar to the H&M one but, I love it!
3. Best shoe shop online I have found to date! It is so good and again all shoes aren't any more than £40 from what I have seen! The image below shows my one fave pair of shoes! 
4. So many great items of jewellery on here! and again it is rather cheap which is always a plus! I find everything on here is really girly so great for me :) here is one of my fave items:
this will be great over a blouse or with a jumper

5. eBay... need I say more? there is so many great bargains on there! I can't say much more about it really other than this comes with a warning label. it is dangerously addictive!!
When shopping online be careful with details and credit cards - just in case! Don't want to be blamed for anything! 

Hope you liked this blog - if you want more of these I have way more shops up my sleeve, I do lots of shopping! These are just a few which I thought would work for you guys, if you want more just comment!

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Sunday, 9 September 2012


Nail Varnish: Bourjois innovation in red
Mascara: Lancome hypnose star
Eyeliner: maybelline eyestudio lasting drama Gel Liner
Foundation: Clinque Even Better in Alabaster
Bronzer: Bourjois

Since starting college my lord i have been in such a fowl mood, i think it's because i am so tired!(which is a shame cause i want to be all chirpy for school!) even missed my friend's 18th because i am so tired and moody D: but with this comes the fact that i am brain dead and can't think of anything to write about... but hey! i am going to give it a go!

So this week has been a hectic one, i have been wearing nothing but leggings and huge jumpers with shirts as at school i have to wake up so early that i can't be bothered to make too much of an effort :( sorry guys! but you know what i think we all go through a bad/lazy time! Haven't seen Harry in over a week, god damm i miss that boy a little too much, another 2 weeks till i see him... Bring out the ice cream haha!

acheivement of the week: made my own salt texturisng spray for my hair! i added to the last dribble of hair straightening spray water and salt and shazam there you have it :')
Suddenly i have had this spurt to try and shed a few pounds, as i think to look nicer i need to! I arent saying i am huge or anything but for my own peace of mind i think it would be a good thing!

Obsessions: I wouldn't be able to keep sane without my Ipod or music tbh and even though i say this loads, i really love it and i think people need something to keep them sane.. Music is one of those things
Along with this goes my bible - Vogue. I read it like it is a book, i read everything from the editors note to the adverts in the back, people say it's really strange but each to their own! 

Car Boot sales - so many bargains can be found at these things and i love finding a bargain, going to do a blog post on a 'boot sale' and take some piccys of what i see, i may ask a few questions to the stall people :) Like to keep things interesting!!

Inspiraation, this week it has been the glorious sunshine oh my god its been so good! ice cream for the win!

Future Blogs: cause i am at College and i have tonnes of work, i figure writing in my frees is the best idea, this could range from OOTD to Obessesions or Whats going on in the town. Whatsmore i think i am going to take notes throughout the day of things that will inspire me and what i can write about as i feel i need to take this more seriously! Every Monday/Tuesday and Friday i will have a blog post so stay tuned ;)

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Last Day Of Summer...

Sat outside in the glorious sunshine, with a glass of Fanta with ice, company street-style edit and blogging… recipe for an awesome day! I love being sat outside in the sun, what a way to spend my last day of ‘summer’. As my skin is so frail I have got some sun cream on, I hate the fact I burn so easily! Its just a pooper really! (Did I really just say pooper…)

Fact you never knew about me.. I wear glasses, my friend said I should maybe post things that you didn’t know about me too keep you in the know! So yeah I am a four eyes! However I am a 6 eyes today! Got my glasses on and sunglasses over the top.. I look amazing! (don’t worry I don’t do this all the time as I only need my glasses when my eyes need to focus on things e.g computer, tv, driving etc etc)

What am I wearing today?
I did some DIY yesterday, looked through my old chest of drawers.. in the bottom drawer, I never look in there.. EVER! (stop rambling!) And to my surprise I found some really nice HUGE t-shirts one which I got in 2008 in Topshop, a black t-shirt saying ‘I love you’ so I am wearing that as a dress (it’s that long!) with my old Newlook belt, and tights and my crocs.. (was flew in my face.. did the ninja move..) Anyway! Like the fashionista that I am! Hey I am only in my garden it is allowed, and between you and I, I find them so so comfy! If anyone agrees, post a comment!

please excuse this horrid piccy.. i never know
what to do with my arms, and my face.. lets
not go there -.-
Top: Topshop (old)
Belt: Newlook (old)

My mum has been reading my blog as she says she wants to support me more, I think it’s amazing! She really likes it and says she never knew I was funny.. oh how she knows me so well! (love you mum)

News: I have long hair again! It has only taken a year -.- those who read my blog this time last year will know that I chopped off my long hair for a longish bob, oh how that is one of my biggest regrets ever! (Emphasis on ever!)
Also; I have joined LookSoup, so have a look at me on there and follow, I haven’t done much on their as I only got it today! But I shall get the hang of it, eventually with my very bad computing skills! I am slowly improving YAY!
Finally; thinking about maybe joining Youtube to show my hauls and makeup and things as I think it will be easier to show you all.. but I aren’t sure yet! Just a little idea.

Today’s obsession: (a feature I feel will be appropriate as I do a weekly one why not daily?) Not high school musical you will be all glad to hear! It is Company Street-Style Edit magazine, I love it! I am reading it like a book – I think it is so good for inspirations and telling me on how I can improve my blog with the top bloggers doing interviews! Nothing like a bit of inspiration
(however whilst writing my blog today I have got HSM the soundtrack of movie 2&3 on.. I am sorry guys I feel that it was appropriate – me being the true fan that I am :P)

Hope this wasn’t too random! Hope you all have a good day
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Amie x x

Monday, 3 September 2012

Playlist for school.. *cheer*

Back to school.. early mornings, rushing and homework (y) sounds like a great time!
But what i hear you ask helps me get through this? not only blogging.. music..

Before i get into my list - here is what i have been up to this weekend... HSM (high school musical) I am deeply ashamed... however i really aren't! the songs are so catchy, however the lovey moments.. 100% cringe! mmmmmm zac efron.. <3 Gabriella annoys me... (venessa)
(Okay i'll stop)

here is my playlist for back to school - in no certain order!

1. The Front Bottoms... really indie and it was harry that introduced me to these (dont ask how he found them.. -.-) but they are soo good! They are a 2 man band, who write songs and yeah! they are really really good. Maps is my fave :) 

2. Bloc Party - their new album Four, is really good! its been mixed views because its too smiliar to their old music, but i love it i think its so so good! my fave tracks - Octopus and Real talk 
3. Mystery Jets - Amazing group of boys! i love their sound i think its so relaxing and chilled nothing like listening to this on a lazy morning on the bus my faves.. Flakes, Young and Seratonin 
4. Drake - not usually to my taste but i love his new songs i always feel cool when i can sing along ;) i am so cool! My faves Crew Love and Take Care
5. Alt - J - a really cool band indie again i just love the lead singer Joe Newman's voice its so soothing and like nothing i have heard before. Faves include Tessellate & Breezeblocks
6. Mat Zo - into the dancey things now! i love him so much trance is possibly one of my faves genres of all time! i always feel i can dance to this man! my fave yoyo ma

7. Above & Beyond. LEGENDS. i love these guys, i think they are so amazing!!I love every song.. 
8. Lianne la Havas - her voice is beautiful, there isnt a bad song on her album. Faves: forget, gone and age 
9. Camo & Krooked - one of my fave trance groups! so so good
10. Newton faulkner & Ben Howard. My ultimate faves. i love these two and i always will :) 

what will i be wearing when i go back? 
Not 100% sure yet, i think maybe go in easy with some jeans and a blouse. Classy yet casual.. think that's the way to go!!

Hope you enjoy your last days of summer also - comment and tell me
how you spent your last days, or your playlist :)
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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Products I have tried/currently trying & August Faves

What to do when I am home alone... BAKE! Love baking - I think it's so refreshing to bake, don't ask me why, i have just realised this makes no sense... moving on...

So, recently I have been buying lots of mini testers or receiving them through gift sets etc and i thought i should tell you guys.. decent huh? 

please excuse the awful 'back drop'.. i used my English
book.. DIY 

Firstly; Probably my favourite thing i have had this August it's my Balance me Super Moisturising Hand Cream.
It sinks into my hands so so well just like the Soap And Glory endless glove hand cream (one of my faves) and i have been taking this everywhere with me! It's amazing. I got this as a part of a gift set from my mum
Secondly; With this i got the Balance me balancing face moisturiser 

Again i have very combinationed skin! i can wake up in the morning and my face is oily but when i take my make up off my skin is so so dry! I feel this cream has saved my skin - it has done wonders! and that is saying something because i love the Benefit Triple performing Face emulsion 
both Balance me products have a high percentage of natural origin. 
Hand: 98.9%
Face: 99%
i highly recommend these products!! 

Thirdly; One of my faveourite things of all time Carmex
Being a brass player (nerd alert.. sound the alarm.... Wait Rob da bank was in a brass band, that makes me cool... right?) i get dry/sore lips so i constantly need to apply moisture to my lips to keep them smooth and this lip balm never fails me! I have it with me all the time, and if i dont i buy more.. i love it!! However, it is a required taste and feel as it tingles the lips (which i like) some may disgaree. Also the taste is gross but i have grown to it.. and i really like it! i battled the awful smell and taste (y) as they say beauty is pain.. no pain no gain 

Fourthly; Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara.
OMG. you all know what a huge fan of mascara i am! i own so many but i shall be purchasing this in big bottles and in endless supply! it does wonders for my lashes - it makes them so long and amazing! With my eyelashes already being rather long and curly many mascaras just don't do much, however this just is amazing! i have no words to describe how much i love it! Even the smell is amazing...
The applicator is a triangular shape which is great for getting to the base of the lashes and great for applying to the tips of the lashes to make sure you have full coverage! 

here we have both brush and tube (y)

(not really makeup..)
Fifthly; I went to poundland and i thought i am going to try some of these cotton pads... and by lord they are so good! i use 1 and its all i need as it absorbs all the nail varnish remover/make up remover/toner/cleanser etc.. and its all i need! i was amazed, i was so shocked that they were a pound, i shall be going back! who says it cant be cheap and cheerful?!
no piccy of these as i thought you knew what cotton pads were....

Six!; my Leichner 'tinted' foundation 
I have mixed emotions about this product, i got this as it was cheap and i needed something to take to leeds with me that i wouldn't mind loosing. So i got this!
the coverage is really good you only need a tiny bit and its a huge tub! However, i wouldn't say it was a tinted moisturiser as it says on the bottle.. it is deffinatly your bog standard foundation. Also it is rather sticky and if you apply too much it makes you feel like you have an extra layer in your face..
Saying this; i do like it as it has very good coverage and i don't need to reapply it, it does last all day! Even at leeds where i was rather sweaty with dancing, it lasted a long time (y) 

Seven (one more left); a prodcuct i bought and realised it's for men.. but its still really good! Its The Real Shaving Co. Post shaving soothing balm 
so i got this thinking for my legs this will be great, not noticing the word 'FACE' on the bottle.. and when i smelt it i thought
'this smells a lot like harry..' and so with that i did some research.. err yeah its for men :/ so i do use it but i feel bad as it's for the males
But with this; its a really good moisturiser and it makes my skin feel so smooth especially on my legs after shaving, which is its purpose :') i recommend it for both men and women! As it is really good! and the smelll...omg i love it! 

FINALLY..; so in at number 8, kiko Milano full coverage concealer in the shade 02
this is one of my many products i got in Paris, and i didn't want to write about it until i had tried it properly, so after a month..
omg i love it! which again is saying something because i adore the boing concealer from benefit! So to get this was a great buy!
it does what it says on the tin 'full coverage' its great for hiding your dark circles under the eyes and hiding any blemishes
(although i use my benefit It stick for those..) Its really compact so it fits in my bag and has a handy mirror so all is good!
i have had it a month and i have used barley any, which i love about products because being on a budget it's always nice when they last a long time haha!

Hope you enjoyed this, and i might do one again at the end of September
as a start of school thing!
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