Friday, 21 September 2012

Inspiration Anyone?

This weather recently has put me in such a top mood :) i am wearing so many colours and everyday i feel more and more inspired each day.. (deep) 

i have found my self reminiscing on many childhood 90's programmes,, my fave Tots Tv.. OMG so good! 'Saque Magique' oh lord. the best thing evs! the main reason for doing this other than i am mad is the fact i turn 18 in 3 weeks... EXCITED! i think i might do some posts on what i am going to wear to my party and my make-up and things, i like to keep you all informed ;)

I apologise foe the delayed post - been back over a week and i have so much work on i think i am going to explode haha! I have been so tired because of it all WAH! 

So this week, i have mainly been wearing my shorts with a polo top and a dress yesterday so that's pretty chilled but yet again we are very smart at the same time :D




I love all of these images i think the lantern ones are so pretty, would love to set off a lantern into the sky ans watch it fly away :) You can find all these images on My tumblr which is linked in my Pages bar above, or on Tumblr, they aren't any of my own piccys, they are ones i have reblogged or found :)

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  1. wow! great inspiration :) loving the messenger bag in the last photo!

    P.s Would love it if you checked out my latest post!

    Jess xo

  2. Awesome inspiration!
    followed your blog