Sunday, 9 September 2012


Nail Varnish: Bourjois innovation in red
Mascara: Lancome hypnose star
Eyeliner: maybelline eyestudio lasting drama Gel Liner
Foundation: Clinque Even Better in Alabaster
Bronzer: Bourjois

Since starting college my lord i have been in such a fowl mood, i think it's because i am so tired!(which is a shame cause i want to be all chirpy for school!) even missed my friend's 18th because i am so tired and moody D: but with this comes the fact that i am brain dead and can't think of anything to write about... but hey! i am going to give it a go!

So this week has been a hectic one, i have been wearing nothing but leggings and huge jumpers with shirts as at school i have to wake up so early that i can't be bothered to make too much of an effort :( sorry guys! but you know what i think we all go through a bad/lazy time! Haven't seen Harry in over a week, god damm i miss that boy a little too much, another 2 weeks till i see him... Bring out the ice cream haha!

acheivement of the week: made my own salt texturisng spray for my hair! i added to the last dribble of hair straightening spray water and salt and shazam there you have it :')
Suddenly i have had this spurt to try and shed a few pounds, as i think to look nicer i need to! I arent saying i am huge or anything but for my own peace of mind i think it would be a good thing!

Obsessions: I wouldn't be able to keep sane without my Ipod or music tbh and even though i say this loads, i really love it and i think people need something to keep them sane.. Music is one of those things
Along with this goes my bible - Vogue. I read it like it is a book, i read everything from the editors note to the adverts in the back, people say it's really strange but each to their own! 

Car Boot sales - so many bargains can be found at these things and i love finding a bargain, going to do a blog post on a 'boot sale' and take some piccys of what i see, i may ask a few questions to the stall people :) Like to keep things interesting!!

Inspiraation, this week it has been the glorious sunshine oh my god its been so good! ice cream for the win!

Future Blogs: cause i am at College and i have tonnes of work, i figure writing in my frees is the best idea, this could range from OOTD to Obessesions or Whats going on in the town. Whatsmore i think i am going to take notes throughout the day of things that will inspire me and what i can write about as i feel i need to take this more seriously! Every Monday/Tuesday and Friday i will have a blog post so stay tuned ;)

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