Sunday, 2 September 2012

Products I have tried/currently trying & August Faves

What to do when I am home alone... BAKE! Love baking - I think it's so refreshing to bake, don't ask me why, i have just realised this makes no sense... moving on...

So, recently I have been buying lots of mini testers or receiving them through gift sets etc and i thought i should tell you guys.. decent huh? 

please excuse the awful 'back drop'.. i used my English
book.. DIY 

Firstly; Probably my favourite thing i have had this August it's my Balance me Super Moisturising Hand Cream.
It sinks into my hands so so well just like the Soap And Glory endless glove hand cream (one of my faves) and i have been taking this everywhere with me! It's amazing. I got this as a part of a gift set from my mum
Secondly; With this i got the Balance me balancing face moisturiser 

Again i have very combinationed skin! i can wake up in the morning and my face is oily but when i take my make up off my skin is so so dry! I feel this cream has saved my skin - it has done wonders! and that is saying something because i love the Benefit Triple performing Face emulsion 
both Balance me products have a high percentage of natural origin. 
Hand: 98.9%
Face: 99%
i highly recommend these products!! 

Thirdly; One of my faveourite things of all time Carmex
Being a brass player (nerd alert.. sound the alarm.... Wait Rob da bank was in a brass band, that makes me cool... right?) i get dry/sore lips so i constantly need to apply moisture to my lips to keep them smooth and this lip balm never fails me! I have it with me all the time, and if i dont i buy more.. i love it!! However, it is a required taste and feel as it tingles the lips (which i like) some may disgaree. Also the taste is gross but i have grown to it.. and i really like it! i battled the awful smell and taste (y) as they say beauty is pain.. no pain no gain 

Fourthly; Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara.
OMG. you all know what a huge fan of mascara i am! i own so many but i shall be purchasing this in big bottles and in endless supply! it does wonders for my lashes - it makes them so long and amazing! With my eyelashes already being rather long and curly many mascaras just don't do much, however this just is amazing! i have no words to describe how much i love it! Even the smell is amazing...
The applicator is a triangular shape which is great for getting to the base of the lashes and great for applying to the tips of the lashes to make sure you have full coverage! 

here we have both brush and tube (y)

(not really makeup..)
Fifthly; I went to poundland and i thought i am going to try some of these cotton pads... and by lord they are so good! i use 1 and its all i need as it absorbs all the nail varnish remover/make up remover/toner/cleanser etc.. and its all i need! i was amazed, i was so shocked that they were a pound, i shall be going back! who says it cant be cheap and cheerful?!
no piccy of these as i thought you knew what cotton pads were....

Six!; my Leichner 'tinted' foundation 
I have mixed emotions about this product, i got this as it was cheap and i needed something to take to leeds with me that i wouldn't mind loosing. So i got this!
the coverage is really good you only need a tiny bit and its a huge tub! However, i wouldn't say it was a tinted moisturiser as it says on the bottle.. it is deffinatly your bog standard foundation. Also it is rather sticky and if you apply too much it makes you feel like you have an extra layer in your face..
Saying this; i do like it as it has very good coverage and i don't need to reapply it, it does last all day! Even at leeds where i was rather sweaty with dancing, it lasted a long time (y) 

Seven (one more left); a prodcuct i bought and realised it's for men.. but its still really good! Its The Real Shaving Co. Post shaving soothing balm 
so i got this thinking for my legs this will be great, not noticing the word 'FACE' on the bottle.. and when i smelt it i thought
'this smells a lot like harry..' and so with that i did some research.. err yeah its for men :/ so i do use it but i feel bad as it's for the males
But with this; its a really good moisturiser and it makes my skin feel so smooth especially on my legs after shaving, which is its purpose :') i recommend it for both men and women! As it is really good! and the smelll...omg i love it! 

FINALLY..; so in at number 8, kiko Milano full coverage concealer in the shade 02
this is one of my many products i got in Paris, and i didn't want to write about it until i had tried it properly, so after a month..
omg i love it! which again is saying something because i adore the boing concealer from benefit! So to get this was a great buy!
it does what it says on the tin 'full coverage' its great for hiding your dark circles under the eyes and hiding any blemishes
(although i use my benefit It stick for those..) Its really compact so it fits in my bag and has a handy mirror so all is good!
i have had it a month and i have used barley any, which i love about products because being on a budget it's always nice when they last a long time haha!

Hope you enjoyed this, and i might do one again at the end of September
as a start of school thing!
thanks for reading - like and comment
Amie x x


  1. Carmex is great for dry lips, and especially with the cold weather coming soon, it is a must.

    You have a lovely blog, would you like us to follow each other? :)


    1. that's a great idea i shall follow you now :) thanks for reading x