Saturday, 4 October 2014

Nip Slip’s Are In. Good-bye Red Hoop of Shame.

Now I am back at uni, I am writing opinion pieces on what is going on in the fashion world. I am going to use this blog to show you what I am feeling, and show you what type of work I am up to :) 

The first of the 10 posts, is about 'Free The Nipple' campaign. What isn't mentioned in the article is that Karl Largerfeld for Chanel, his show this season, caused a havoc. He is known across the globe for being very mean towards women. Yet his show is promoting feminism and equality. Is this a publicity stunt to promote his designs, or is he genuinely interested? My thoughts? 
He is using this as a promotion. But thats my opinion. I would love to here what you think.. Anyway, here is the article. Hope you enjoy it!

Recent controversies about the campaign “Free the Nipple”, appears to me that the issue has been taken, somewhat, out of hand.

Watching London Fashion Week 2014, I was admiring shows such as Christopher Kane, Burberry and Simone Rocha. What seemed apparent to me was the vast amount of nip on show. From hiding behind pin-stripes to them playing peek-a-boo through sheer blouses – the nipple was the key accessory to summer 2014. 

All this got me thinking - If men can get their bods out in public, why can’t women? We have been brought up to believe; they are a secretive part of our bodies, we need some self-discretion, and we want that element of surprise when men take our tops off! In the US women get arrested for appearing nude. Why do we find ourselves judging people who do it? I am guilty for this. If I come across a nude, I run a mile. I don't like seeing someone’s boobs. It makes me feel awkward inside. 

The Campaign “Free The Nipple” was brought to life via a film by Lisa Esco. The film, based on a true story, is about a girl who protests about ‘equality and a mission to empower women’. The film targets the US censorship laws, where it is illegal in 37 states for a woman to appear topless. In what way does showing your boobs sort this out? It seems odd. I am all for equality, but is showing boobs the answer? It only makes us look stupid, which defies what women have been fighting against for the past 80 years.

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