Saturday, 19 July 2014

Bring On The Men


Before I go on with this weeks post, I have some news *drum roll*
I HAVE A JOB!!! Lets all take a moment and let that sink in. I, Amie Grice, have an actual R E A L job. In an actual shop. WOOHOO. I am so pleased and very proud of myself, since I have branched out of just doing nannying.. I feel it is for the best! But don'e get me wrong I am still going to be looking after the kids, I don't want to leave them on their own aha! 

As you may have read in one of my last posts you will have seen that I have become rather interested in men's fashion.. so I think once every other week I am going to share some knowledge for my male readers, and to enlighten you girlies with some very attractive fashionable men!

I find if there's one thing that isn't praised enough is a well dressed man! If you look back in time, you will notice in all photographs as late as the 20's to the 70's men were dressed amazingly. Just stunning. A suit was casual ware! And I think you girls will agree here when I say - There's nothing more attractive than a man in suit *Drools*.
But what happened? The rock bands happened and it all evolved from there.. In came jeans, trainers and the tracksuits.. and men hopped on that band wagon faster than a pig jumps into mud. And that's where the chav comes in.. need I say anymore? And suddenly fashion, which men used to be so involved in in order to impress other males, became a predominantly female trait as we needed fashion to express ourselves and prove to men we can be like them.. So I suppose we took away their fashion loves and made it all girly.. However, I find there is nothing more attractive and 'manly' than a man who dresses well and looks.. I guess. 

As it shows to us girls, that yeah! You can try and you put pride and effort in yourself. As statistics show, we judge people within 3 seconds.. Now.. if you're wearing an awful outfit that looks shoddy, I/us girls will automatically assume that you're:
1. messy 

2. genuinely don't care
3. unorganized.. 
need I go on?!
However, I do feel for you men.. You have no choice! There's not much for you lads out there is there? And this is why we have no men in suits, because society says that if you wear in a suit on a night out you are.. well.. a bellend and not a "lad" but... I want to see men in a suit as casual wear.. I think that they look much more attractive *yummyy*. But as some of my male friends would say "It's too much effort" or "I am not looking like a bellend 24/7".. so I think I am trying to fight an already loosing battle.
But it would be nice to see men dressed amazingly all the time, and not with their arse cheeks out all the time, as I do feel like a peado when I see a man with his bum out.. but hey! You can't help but look ;) 

So as a tribute to you very good looking and well dressed men, this inspiration is dedicated to you lot.
Top marks for effort *claps* 

Thank-You for reading gang :)
See you all soon