Thursday, 26 September 2013

Interview with Kathy - Stanford Row

Hello everyone! Hope we are all well, as mentioned the website StanfordRow have asked me to re-write up the an interview with a new upcoming designer Kathy Wilson.. So here we go!!

If you are familiar with or have watched Joe Zee’s (Elle creative director) “All On The Line” on the Sundance Channel then there’s a high chance you will be familiar with Kathy Wilson. In Season 2, Episode 3; Joe Zee helps Kathy renovate her line from sedate to stylish and I got the chance to write the interview which allows us into her world and see what inspires her.

With designs which have captured something quite unique and display the quality and technical skill which fills people with the appreciation for her craft and furthermore, her creative mind, what can she tell us about her work? My atelier launched after I designed a jacket for Stevie Wonder that he wore to the President Obama's first White House Correspondents' Dinner. I am a menswear and womenswear designer who started on red carpet pieces for celebrities under Richard Tyler Couture.  I love doing gowns and suits but after researching where the market was moving, I decided to launch a contemporary line during my participation in a reality show.” With her working in her own work space in Brooklyn it must be hard to make bespoke designs but she seems to think this way is best for her, “I sketch and drape on my dress forms here.  Then I get my samples done and take sales appointments out of my showroom in New York's garment district.”

However, the Question on everyone’s lips; what made her want to design bespoke garments? “My introduction to bespoke clothing came from my first job at Richard Tyler.  It was where I learned how to measure and make beautiful clothes inside and out." With a now ever growing appreciation for clothes and the way you can piece them together, I want to know what are her thoughts are on bespoke items: “I love bespoke clothing but it is very hard to find customers that understand the artisanal quality and care of this type of work.  Most consumers follow trends and don't have a sense of quality that bespoke customers understand." Never has someone said it better! At Stanford Row they are really passionate about helping people becoming more confident and swarvé/savvy dresser. However, I feel that the bespoke clothes are beginning to be appreciated more and more by the consumer. I would like to know in this current climate what is her most pressing challenges that she faces? “"I find that Americans are all about sales.  Black Friday and getting a great deal has programmed people to only buy things on discount.  It turns people in hoarders instead of people that love things that they can hold onto and resell later on." This is the reality that is faced by most people. As it seems, there needs to be a transformation of peoples thinking, one genuine item at a time. The thing that we find the biggest difference with bespoke as opposed to mass produced, is the relationship. Suddenly, you have a relationship with the person making your garment as opposed to no relationship at all. So how does Kathy work with her clients? “I generally have clients that see my work and then make request for a suit or a dress.  Then I ask them what their budget is because I want to make sure I go under budget.  I proceed by asking them what they like and don't like about their body.  I ask about fabrics, colors, cuts, and then I take their measurements.  I create three sketches and then they get to pick which one they want to make.  Sometimes, they make all of them." This is something that most people are missing out on when purchasing everyday garments. This, personally, is what excites me about the process; you can discuss figures and flaws and tastes and really get it right.

Your designs are obviously gorgeous, you have been spotted by a notable person in need of an outfit for a special event, who would you really like to dress in your designs? “My dream client is Angelina Jolie because she is a beautiful person on the inside as well as on the outside.  That my ideal client in general.  I want to dress people that make a difference in the world in a positive way." This is a lovely thought! Which item from your range on Stanford Row would you tailor make for them and why? "I would make her the Iris dress because it combines softness with the purple silk burnout fabric and some edginess using the black lambskin leather.  It is feminine but conveys strength." This is an ideal dress for her and she would look stunning. As it shows off her cleavage and then accentuates the hip. So how did she get here? Were there any key moments? Can she see the trail?
"My mom owns a salon in the Silicon Valley that I used to help out at in order to spend time with her.  As a result, I was surrounded by very successful women that inspired me to design for the woman I wanted to become. When I went to FIDM in Los Angeles I landed an internship with Richard Tyler and got hired after my third day as an intern.  I started working with celebrities before I graduated and learned all about impeccable tailoring from him.
I left my job there to be with my husband during his military service.  It took us to Japan where I got to live for three years taking in fashion inspiration.  I designed gowns for some of the military wives and learnt about manufacturing overseas. When I came back to the states, my husband suggested we go to New York to help me get back into fashion.  I had many custom clients and made a profit on my first orders. Then I got a request from Stevie Wonder's people to do a jacket for him.  When I delivered it, they decided that he would wear it to the White House Correspondents' Dinner the following day. It was the best day of my professional life. I met Stevie Wonder's wife for lunch at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills to deliver his jacket.  Afterwards, we walked to her studio where she asked me if it would be okay to have him wear it to the White House.  Then she showed me the collection she was working on for Michelle Obama and I got to touch all of the dresses and give her my thoughts.  It was amazing." So who has inspired here to get to where she is today? “Richard Tyler. In the way I finish my custom garments.”Lastly what would she say to the people who are thinking about taking clothes out of the mass producers and entrusting it into the tailors, dressmakers and specialists out there today? “I would tell them that they will not look at clothing the same way again. Having clothes made for you is special, and wearing them makes you feel powerful. Where mass production makes us fit into average, bespoke empowers us to be fully who we are."

I think it’s fair to say her journey is both inspiring and well deserved. If you too have been inspired by Kathy’s designs click here to find her online at where you can find designs tailor made to you! 

Thank you so much for reading - Nextweek LFW/StreetStyle
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Monday, 16 September 2013

New Home/The Upper East

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well!

As you can probably tell by the title, I am now at uni! Starting life in Epsom.. living it large! pretty much had two nights out in a row and I am dead.. literally! met some of the most amazing people at uni, I dont think I have ever ever felt so at home :) it feels so nice, however, I do miss my family!
Alongside this is exciting things a-happenin with the blog, I was luckily enough to be chosen to do a review of a designer for Stanford Row, so I shall be sharing that with you all soon (y) and also with uni we have to do a street style project, which I am very excited for, and also I am going to a closing event and going to LFW so there will be some sneaky pics of that soon

So.. I went to the bloggers love event at Leicester square with one of my close friends, and it was so amazing! I had such a giggle, and the view from the Penthouse was just incredible, I cant think of anything else that would've made it more perfect :) 

The designer that I was viewing was the creation of the website, it's a great website which sells everything from underwear to makeup and the best bit is that all the items are original and so amazingly cute. Below is a sneaky look into what the website has in store for you all...






This week's artist, since being away from home and family, is my dads favourite Simple Minds. They are a band which was formed in Scotland in the 80's and they are most famous for their song "Dont You" which is featured in thr film "Breakfast Club" which promoted them in the US.
Below is the song which me and my dad like the most, and what reminds me of home.. Sad but true haha!! 

Lots of very very very exciting posts coming your way guys, next week is an Interview with a designer from Stanford row, and then LFW and street style!

Have a good week everyone, 
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Friday, 23 August 2013

Little Weekend Away

This weeks FWOTW: Taffeta. This is a charming material for cocktail dresses. It must be used in quantity - very full skirts for dresses - otherwise it can look poor. (so my dictionary says you tell 'em Dior!) Sometimes it can be used for blouses, but it is a little stiff and its best use is for the evening time.
So there you are guys, watch out for taffeta... kind of sounds like a chocolate bun.. 

Hello everyone! hope everyone has had a wonderful week and is feeling super good :)

As you can probably tell by the title I am about to embark on a weekend away on my own *shock*, travelling from my home down to the lurvely Shrewsbury to see an old chummy, who I haven't seen in 4 years.. Such a long time and I will be spending 3 days with her having a catch up before we both go to uni! So as you can tell.. next week will be many an image of me in Shrewsbury and at the amaze Harry Potter Museum. OMG. so excited. With this will be Vines, Instragrams, Tweets all that shizz so look out!
But with this comes a horrifying fact that as of today I have 2 full weeks left at home before I leave...*sob/cheer*

Fashion wears:

This week I am loving the MOM Jeans by Topshop. As always you guys know all my jeans are bought from topshop as they last forever! And I am living in these beauties, they are so comfy and really support my figure YAY!
I am also loving NewLooks A/W13 shoe collection! Which is shocking as I can be a bit of a snob when it comes to this place, but I went in and I was impressed! I think in the past 2 weeks I have bought 2 pairs of shoes :| I am both happy and disappointed in myself! My fave purchase is my Chelsea boots which are a decoy of the Topshop Alexa boots. They are a fraction of the price and they are so similar it's worth going to NewLook for a looksee!
As the cold weather is among us *sigh* I have been dragging out my jackets and luckily my brother has a HUGE denim vintage looking jacket which I have stolen, it's amazing! it has an acid wash look to it, but great because I can layer it up with any jumper underneath.. And I love a good layer!

I have always been a fan of colour, and recently I am LOVING the neon. I have recently bought an amazingly neon orange crop top from toppers and I love it so much! It's amazing how something so simple can add such a good pop of colour to any outfit! I am now looking for a decoy of the American Apparel Neon Shirt.. I can't fork out £55.. I am poor!
Another Neon love of mine, is the GAP neon knitted jumpers. I have one in Coral, its just amazing! I love the colour and the feel of the wool, it feels like it could last a really long time which is good! and shocking because I usually hate GAP. Good effort boys.

A little addiction(s).. for those of you who have seen my twitter they would've seen my recent love for the British comedian Chris Ramsey. Not my type as he is Geordie and I don't really get a word they say.. but it's okay cause he is hot. omg.
Also, Carries Diaries. Anyone who is close to me I am sorry for constantly going on about this! its AMAZING! I am so hooked it is untrue.. My life is not a healthy one!

This weeks choice was a tricky one.. as there's so much music which I am loving right now; But.. I have decided on an old fave Stereophonics. I don't really need to explain this band as everyone knows who they are! What brought this on was the release of their new album "Graffiti On The Train"  which I am in love with! And listening to them live on Radio 2 and at V fest.. I fell in love with them instantly!
Recomendations of the album? "Indian Summer" and "Been Caught Cheating". If you follow me on twitter you will have seen my tweets of lyrics.. sorry not sorry!

Linked below is a single from them which is one of my personal old faves and never ever fails to put me into a good mood! Enjoy this sing along my friends..


As always all these Images can be found on my tumblr, none of these are mine! but ones which inspire me for the week to dress how I do! 

Next week:
Inspiration will be based on Uni room decor as I need most of my inspiration to design my room and I feel it might help those moving on! Harry Potter goings on & Possible Ikea wish list...

Thank-you for reading,
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See you sooon x

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

New Look, New Me, New Start

Its been a whole month of more arguments with myself and more thinking holidays and working after making my last post about how I was back, I really wasnt sure to tell the truth! But now I have done up this place I feel like its going places, and I have had a few exciting e-mails which has spurred me on and given me faith that what I am doing is actually worth it..

Well, after an awesome holiday I am now working pretty much full time doing nanny work I currently have 3 families under my belt.. (not literally) and I think I have baked pretty much every day this past 2 weeks, so if anyone wants a bun please feel free to come and get one!
I have a haul coming your way..I have so much stuff I need to show y'all and I intend on doing so soon
still single.. (thats not really news.. more of a statement *sigh*)
I know what flat I am in for Uni, which is super exciting holla at ya flat 5.
but... I GOT IN WOOPWOOP. I am now a certified fashion journalist student a boom. I am literally so excited I can not sit still...
However, they have given me a reading list and film list which goes on FOREVER so I am set for life with reading, thanks guys (y)
About the emails, the company "CityBlis" has asked me to be a partner with them, so not only was this spififng news it have spurred me on to get cracking on here and do more with my blog- from Hauls-ranting ;)

Stuff to come...
Since I will be in and around london for the next 3 or so years, and I am being invited to many events, I am looking forward to sharing with you all what I will be getting up to etc etc. But also sharing with you my UNI troubles, successes and what I am buying to help any of you who are a shop-a-holic like me and need a budget this will be an insight into what my room is like and what I am buying. So things may change around this little home, but I feel it is for the best :) 

I am starting to think that I will blog at least once a week and from there we go really.. but this is the last time I will escape, I AM BACK!!  watch this space!!

Thank you for everyone who supports me,
see you all this weekend 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

BACK BACK BACK. I promise.

Bonjour everyone! I hope you are all well and you are enjoying your summer if, like me, you are done!

Where have I Been??
So as you all will have noticed I have not been blogging regularly at all, and my explanations are as follows:
1. I underestimated how much work (after my prom) I actually needed to do

2. I wasn't sure if I wanted to carry on blogging, and after a long hard think... I am here to stay! 
3. I have been a lazy poo (to put it bluntly)

Nothing much has been happening down my end of the world really.. My auntie is moving house so I am looking after their little girl (vines, Tweets & Instagrams to follow!) and I am going away in 6 days *Internal scream* 

The party king of my group of pals is now in my village.. so now it helps when he has friends over as I can plod up home!
Now that I am FREE! I am able to blog more and keep you lot posted on my life & happenings,, I bet you are all super excited
I also have developed a new love for some people...
Will.I.Am (That shouldn't be admitted to AT ALL) Matt from the British voice *mmm* and Greg Rutherford.. google him. 

I have also come to the decision now I am at home everyday and I have nothing much to do an evening.. That I will definitely be doing 2 blog posts a week, just so its in easy chunks :) 


Plan: I have decided that because I am indeed away for 2 weeks, there will be 4 blog posts or at least 2! I have no idea what the WIFI in the hotel will be like and keep in mind I will be blogging on my iPad so anything could happen... But I will try and keep you all posted on my twitter!

With only 6 days till I set off I have decided to use this weeks IMWNO as a holiday based one *YES* Genius I know.. 

1. While swimwear shopping I came across the designer which I had heard of but not really bothered looking into - Matthew Williamson. I adore his Electric bay shirt dress.. Its just beaut! I think it would look great on the beach.. shame I really can't afford it, I think £395 is a little out of my price range -.-

2. While doing my average look on Wildfox, I came across the cutest swimming one piece EVER! its adorbs and I want it. now. Its £168.. which I could afford but I would be able to wear nothing else... so I think I will leave this one *sob*
Its rather depressing as I will never look like that in a cozzie..

3. while doing some casual clothes shopping, I came across a brand "commes des garcons" which I have heard of many a time, but never really put my foot on their grounds.. and I love their stuff.. EEP.. So I went onto their website and I came across this really cute T-shirt, PLAY MENS CLASSIC T-SHIRT WHITE WITH EMBROIDERED RED LOGO, however it is £70, I don't think, right now, I could ever justify paying that much for a top.. but I like it all the same (p.s. I know this is a mans top, but I am digging a baggy number right now!)
This week, I have chosen the delectable Tom Odell, not entirely sure if I have used him already.. ahh well.
This week has seen the release of his new album Long Way Down. I think I had this in pre-order for ages and it came through on Monday at 1am and it is all i have listened to for the past day and a bit! I think every song resonates with me in someway, my fave is deffo "Grow Old With Me" and the title song "long way down"
I think if you are into songs which make you feel emotions and make you feel good then you should give this chap a go! He definitely deserved to win the Brits Choice Award 2013. Well done son, I salute you.

If you fancy me doing a blog post on what I am taking in either my Suitcase/Hand Luggage let me know, buy going onto my Facebook (y)
Thank you for reading my little Lovelies:
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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Homies of.. well.. Wombleton?

This Weeks FWOTW: Velveteen. This is a cotton velvet, mainly used for loose coats and jackets - it is very difficult to tailor. For fitted suits or fitted jackets and dresses use it only if you aer very slim (apparently) as it is quite fattening... It can be gorgeous for evening capes - loose ones hanging from you shoulders in a lovely line..
Here's to me becoming a fashionable superhero. Thank-you Velveteen. 

hello everyone - hope we are all feeling okay!

Really beginning to feel seriously drained with all the stress of exams and just general life its self *sigh* I swear the only thing that is keeping me going is the fact I am going away in one month and the fact it is prom next Friday (y)

I don't think I have had such a bad day. ever. So on Friday was my last exam until the 3rd of June and it's safe to say I was well prepared and ready - but then I opened up my paper and 1 of the 2 questions I was meant to answer wasn't on. Yeah that's right. It wasn't there D:
So after spending MONTHS revising the play Importance of Being Earnest and remembering every single analytical question and technical term, and it wasn't there - so as you can imagine MAJOR panic.
So the exam officer at my college, rang AQA and I had to do the analytical question on the Kite Runner as well as doing the adaption on it.. which isn't allowed..
Luckily, me and 2 others get put into special accreditation and they are going to mark it as normal. 

but as you can imagine - majorly annoyed.
other than that.. my week has been pretty sweet.. 

1. won my prom shoes on ebay... BOOM. They are from Office and they were.. ready.. £16.50! absolute bargain if you ask me! 
2. took my best friend out for a meal for her 18th and gave her her homemade memory book and CD which was made by me.. I was highly proud of my efforts! 
3. decided that if I don't get into uni, I am going to become crazy cat lady :) It is what I am made to do. 
4. saved enough money to get some amazing holiday clothes - Antigua here we come :D


So this week - if money was no option, I would like to buy 1 of these 3 items: 
1. wildfox bel air round sunglasses, they are super dooper quirky and I just think they are so cool, and really up my street! retailing at £196.. its a little out of my price range aha..ha.. so I think I will stick to Primark right now..!
2. Prada Wedge in white. OMFG. I would seriously go out and buy most of the Prada Spring/Summer shoe collection if I could, there is so many beauties on there, but this pair have really caught my eye... Currently retailing at £495.. so I think if I want these, I wont have to shop at all for ages. and ages. 

mmm, I need these shoes in my life.. like now. 

3. I am just adoring the Kate Spade collection for Spring/Summer and when looking through the bag section I noticed the many neon coloured bags, and they all are super cute! However, one in particular has caught my eye. You can buy it in both Black and Yellow, I prefer it in black but I do like the yellow! Its the Charlotte Street Reena, retailing at $478 or £236 - which isn't too bad for a bag.. but it is still WAY out of my price range -.- 

So this week has been a hectic week music wise with me not having my classic anymore *cries* so I having sorted out all my music, my artist of the week is Jessie Ware. She is an English singer/songwriter. Her most well known track Running became an instant hit with the remix by Disclosure. This summer she is playing nearly all of the well known festivals, and her new single Imagine It Was Us has to be one of my favourite songs of 2013 (so far)
her single is available to buy in Itunes now!!

Music Listened too while writing:
Kanye West - Love Lock Down
Jessie Ware - Imagine It Was Us
MS MR - Hurricane
SubFocus ft. Alex Clare - Endorphins
Temper Trap - Rabbit Hole
Chase & Status - Lost and Not Found

thank you for reading guys!
next post will be on my prom and last day of school D:
See you all very soon