Sunday, 28 April 2013

Oh Dear..

Hello my loves, isn't this weather just incredible? I swear this good weather has put me in such a good mood! After the downs of the recent weeks I have never been so happy! *sigh* I think I might need to calm down ;)

So this week I have done nothing...Nothing at all! Which I suppose is a good thing, been spending time trying to do some bits to my blog, lets see if we can jazz this place up a little! we need to add some TLC! and I aren't just chatting about a new font.. we may be having a new colour scheme *gasp* .. So if you guys have any ideas please drop me a comment it would be greatly appreciated!! 

This weeks fashion disaster: My mum got me a new tan.. In dark skin. I didn't realise. I went to school do I put this..Like an ikea wardrobe. I was a dark shade of mahogany. Gee thanks mum (y) Love you too!
This weeks sad news: After going out last night.. I chipped my tooth. After having not one single problem with my teeth for 18years and with them being really straight it was a sad time.. and I am super hacked off -.- and 2 days before my recital I chip a tooth making it really painful to play.. Idiot points awarded. I am hoping they can squeeze me in ASAP I look like I belong on Jeremey Kyle.
Fashion News: Prom dress = sorted. BOOM. All I need is some shoes and I am ready to go!

*teachers pet alert* so in a pact to try a little harder at keeping myself motivated to do more work, I decided to go all out with my notes on Britain in 1889. So to try and make it look exciting, I added colour and *ready* a map. *round of applause*
Being super impressed I showed my teacher. You could say he was more than impressed and said and I quote "some of the best notes I have seen."

This weeks AOTW is a little different.. I haven't got one but I have a song! and that song is just the most catchy thing I have ever heard. And it has been on repeat in my room for the past few days!

Stooshe - Slip. Now I will admit I wasn't keen on the band at first, even though black heart was another babe of a song! But this one... omg... it is just me written all over it! There is a hand clap, some ooo's some ahhh's and some trumpets! also I can copy the dance moves in my bedroom.. yes I am 18 and I still do that.. don't judge...

There you go loves.. have a good little clap and a dance along to this beaut!

So this week if I had more money than I could cope with I would:
1. Go on holiday to BoraBora with my best mate.. just cause! It looks warm and you can just chill, and who knows what amazing adventures you could go on out there!! 

on a serious note I would get a new trench coat, I think I would go burberry since I think they are classic piece in all honesty. I think they go with pretty much anything and they look really smart, so yeah I would go out and buy me one of those beauties. Specifically I would buy the Mid-Length Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat, retailing at £995.. I only have £9.95.. so divide the price by 10 and I am there (y) 

thanks for reading this little shortie!
See you next weekend or mid week! 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Here Comes The Sun...

Hello my darlings :) Hope we are all feeling well and enjoying this beautiful weather! FINALLY! and for those of us who back at sixth form.. 3 weeks, then all this palava will be over *sigh of relief* time to crack on with the revision YAY...

So this week has been pretty immense! Went to the spa with my mum on last Thursday and just totally chilled out for the day and night. It was just amazing!
I felt like a total adult; I got called miss, A guided tour of my room (which had complimentary biscuits and Aromatherapy goodies.. I took all of them home..), I had an alocholic beverage at 11am and no one batted an eyelid.. I did feel like an alocholic though, I must admit!
In other news, I have jumped on the bandwagon of getting Vine! If you search for Amie Grice (i should come up!), a piccy of me will come up and have a gander! I have wapped on a couple of vids, I think it will be good for upcoming hauls to give you peeps a sneaky peak at whats going down aha!

And in other news.. OMG I SAW ONE DIRECTION.
I see many of you shaking heads in disgust.. it was a total last minuet thing and since it was on my list of things to do.. I simply couldnt say no..could I?! I won't go on but it was amazing, and I would happily go again! not going to lie omg I saw Harry and it was the best thing ever.. never been so in love 

AOTW: This weeks artist of the week has to be a band called Young Kato. They are a 6 member all boy band formed in 2011 in both Cheltenham & Birmingham.
They are really cool and I am addicted to their EP "Young Kato" which you can now buy on Itunes!
My personal Fave is Life Is Good - it's super catchy and has a really good chorus :)

I am going to cheat, here is my other artist of the week ;) It's a young lady called Lauren Aquilina. She is 17 and her EP- fools is just Beautiful! if you are a fan of Nina Nesbitt you will love Lauren :) my ultimate fave is Fools. Just beautiful.


I think before we get into the pictures, I think we should take a moment to feel the apprciation from the families who have lost loved ones, friends and family in the boston bombing. My heart goes out to all of them - and their strength through this is greatly inspiring. I would also like to take a moment to take a moment's inspiration to send my condolances to a family in a town near me who lost their daughter in a car crash, at such a young age. My heart goes out to you too.



as always you can find these images on my Tumblr!

what I listened to whilst writing:
1. Daft Punk - Get Lucky

2. Palma Violets - We Found Love
3. Rudimental - Been Waiting All Night
4. Kindness - House
5. Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me

6. Mat Zo - Rebound 

Lots of dancey sunny things :) The sun is out YAY!!
Thanks for reading guys, see you next week :)
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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

massive easter haul!!

HELLO!!! this weeks Fashion word... Fichu! This is a little triangle or square piece of material folded into a triangle - very elegant for evening dresses and, in the fashion of today, fichus have a tendency to take the place of stoles which can be rather cumbersome.

So I am back from the land of banding and work! I have been saving my self for this blog post - a HUGE easter holiday haul! I have many items which I have been holding onto to show you guys!
News- I have lost some weight.. I dont know how much as I hate weighing myself :/ But enough for people to notice! so that is fab *proud moment* 

Songs listened to whilst Blogging:
Dj Snake - Bird Machine
Young Kato - Young Kato EP

Without keeping you waiting any longer.. here is my giant haul :) enjoy


(from left to right)
Percy & Reed - Finishing Polish
Aussie - Colour Mate Conditioner
Aussie - Miricle colour insurance, Leave in conditioner
St. Moriz - Instant tan spray in medium
Lush - Eau Roma Water (toner)

Here is my latest addition to hair/face products. There is a fair few here.. I never realised *oops*
finishing polish: this is really amazing! I just put it in when I have done my hair, and it really does hold the look that little bit more!
Aussie products: I am yet to try these.. But they smell AMAZING! they are on offer 2 for £7 in Sainsburys so I went all out!! I will tell you what I think!
Tan: This is my FAVE tan of all time, and I always use tan so trust me I have gone through lots... And this is the best, and its only £2.99. I will let that linger on your minds!
Toner: This is something that a friend recommended so I got this in a small bottle.. but I shall bet getting the big ass bottle.. this stuff is incredible! When I take of all my make up, I spray a little bit of this on and it just takes all the access muck of.. its amaze.

Here is some lip products :)

Mac Mate Lipstick in the shade: So Chaud: this is super bright and I wasn't too sure on this at first, then i got home wapped it on, and omg I love it so much! It isn't to garish and actually suits me *wink wink*
Rimmel 1000 kisses stay on lip contouring pencil in the shade 004 Indian Pink: I bought this on a wim in Browns in my local town! and again its super bright but I love it so much! I often wear this all over the lip not just on the outside.. I know rebel!
Top Shop Lip Cream in the shade Dust: this is something I havent had the chance to wear yet... But what I do know is.. it smells incredible! So again when I wear it I shalllet you peeps know what its like :)

Peaches & Cream
The Valley

When I wondered to the beauty in toppers, I saw the sign "2 for £8 on all nail polish" I was there faster than light.. And I picked up these two beauties!
Peaches & Cream: this is a colour that is super pretty on, and its a wonderful pastel orange.. mmm
The Valley: this is a sparkley pastle green, and again its super lovely! I adore the glittery bits!!
However..... These nail varnishes need many coats to look opaque, so be warned. This is a major let down for me.. sorry!

Soap & Glory Super Cat Eyeliner: This is a product that has been raved about for a while and I needed a new liquid eyeliner, so I though why not! And omg.. I adore it so much. It goes on so easily and I find it so quirky how it looks like a felt tip pen (y) *i am so easily amused* 

Clothing & Accessories...
Topshop Bikini
So if you follow me on the twitter you may have seen that me and my mum are going on a spa break away! And we will be using the swimming pool.. so me being me I decided to buy a new bikini :) I love the high waisted pants and it looks really nice on! so this isnt bad - for those wanting to know how much it is, this is £34.. *no wonder I have no money!*

Topshop Skater skirt - Easter gift from mum
So instead of an egg, my mum very kindly buys us somehting nice to wear, this year I was blessed with this rather amaze skirt! I lurrrvvee this and goes with many items!

All from topshop..
This easter lets just say I had a bit of a splurge in topshop!
Peplum top: I have wanted one of these bad boys for a while and this was * I think* £18 so  for Topshop I was on it like a badger and bought this one!
Spotty: I have been eyeing up this cropped top for a while so I thought why not! I think this was something like £10, so again BARGAIN! I have worn this loads already. yeah I love it
Black number: this is just a simple black cropped top, I really like it and was only £8.. Yeah bargain!

Primark tops
So when I went out with band, I raided primark like a beast.. and these are the tops I bought!
They are both super comfy and because they were cheap, if they get ruined I can always get a new one!
OH.. I got both in a large, as I am lapping up the baggy tops right now!

Urban Outfitters dress - £15 sale

So I went into Urban Outfitters, and there was a pretty massive sale on 75% off.. I was like WHOA! so I got this, I really like it and you can wear it with anything :) and for £15 you can't go wrong! I haven't worn this out yet, but I will be soon!

Missguided Necklase 

Saw this online and I had to get it... It was pretty pricey for a necklase it was £8.99, but I adore it! And I am a sucker when it comes to jewellery, so I love this! and it goes with everything!

Primark bag... £6

Lets just say I saw studds and I saw £6 and I couldn't leave it.

Primark ring..£1.50

again, I saw the price and I couldn't leave it! Guilty as charged! BUT.. I have worn this pretty much every day for 2 weeks, and my finger is nowhere near green! Primark rings are actually amazing for the money! 

Extra bits!

These are my new primark shoes (y) yes boys! They were £10, and they are pretty swarve! I really love these, super simple and super cute.. What more could you want from a shoe?

So my aunty being the amazing doll she is, got me this mug for easter. yeah I love it, and it takes the pride of being on my bedside table, where I wake up and see harry's face. But yeah, as silly as this gift is it has such a great sentiment behind it! and was a good subsitute instead of an egg (y)

Hope you guys enjoyed looking at my new bits and bobs!
see you in a few days for Inspiration and AOTW
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