Wednesday, 14 January 2015

LC:M Not Just For Men

Hey my loves.

Since you seem to enjoy reading my opinion pieces, I have another one lined up for you all. And it is much more with the times. As you can tell, it is based on LC:M (London Collection Men) which ended yesterday. This piece (in a nutshell) is based on my opinion on how it isn't just for men anymore. And also my fave shows :)
It isn't a long one, as we have a word count. *boo*

Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

With LC:M now sadly over, I realise that women don’t just attend these shows to look at the eye candy (although that can play some part). 

The UK menswear seasons have fast become a staple on the fashion map. It is one I look forward to each year, and strangely the one I keep most up to date with. From the get-go, four years ago, I have found myself wanting some of the designs to wear myself. I am as far from a tomboy, in fact I’m the most girly out of all my friends. But I do enjoy a crisp white shirt, a well thought out jacket and the odd jaunty hat here and there. The knits, man-bags prints and the inventive sports-wear leave me drooling awkwardly and I end up saying “I could totally work that!” So much so I would happily run backstage and try it on myself (and totally ignore the half-naked men.. weird). I think it’s time we forget about the days you borrowed your mans jumper, and go straight to LC:M and pick up yourself. 

The shows that stood out for me this year Christopher Shannon. Because finally someone has noticed it isn't pouring gold on everyones heads. Mainly plastic carrier bags. Fashion encapsulates the modern times, and with Shannon it felt that way because it encapsulated the message of how many people in the wider culture feel. Craig Green, the way he creates a garment so unique look so effortless is amazing. There’s an intense truth to his work. The fact that these are all still young designers and have the ability to oppose the ideas of masculinity and street force, is something that is truly inspiring within fashion. Not to mention the fact, I feel compelled to mention Oliver Spencer. Who is possibly my favourite menswear designer in a long time. His suits are perfectly effortless, and I just fall in love with every garment, he has ever ever made!

When it comes to menswear many think it’s all very smart, tight and tailored and I suppose yes that is a very big part of it; the trip down to the high-end tailor and be grateful for the suit made is something to be cherished. Yet the flip side to LC:M is that it can be much more extreme, and that is what the UK is best known for. 

I would love to hear your opinions on this one. Do you think menswear is now something women can look to for inspiration? Or is it just me?

Thank-you for your support as always. 
Much love, and see you soon

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