Monday, 9 January 2012

well i pretty much had music monday covered yesterday so if you are looking for my music this week read my previous blog 'what a weekend!' 

so your probably noticing i am back at school bummer, and surprisingly i did way more work in my frees than first intended i was rather proud of myself! but i still have so much work it is actually ridiculous i look at other colleges and they seem to be doing less work, how unfortunate! but we shall go on, as they say!

i think a moan is needed! i don't mean to be sexist here but why are men so horrible to girls and treat us women as though we are nothing...i mean yeah they need space but i dont like being treated as if i am a reserve/substitute.. if you have any advice drop comment. rant over. 

so clothes wise i wore some deep purple jeans from topshop and a flowery top from jack wills (I never really wear jack wills.. but i love this top!) and topshop lofers and a scarf...
i think i looked rather chilled out today but i was so tired, my body clock is actually ruined ! ahh well!
i will post tomorrow about silly tuesday!
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Sunday, 8 January 2012

what a weekend!

So this weekend didn't quite go as i had originally panned out.. went out during the day for lunch with one of my friends and ate loads then went out again last night when i was meant to stay in and read for my english.. D: and now instead of doing psychology i am blogging, i think this is trying to prove maybe things arent going well! haha

not only that but the fact that Christmas is defiantly over makes me so sad, and also i begin school again tomorrow so much to get ready D: i have suddenly become more un-organised and i really don't like it, i think i need to sort myself out haha! 

so music wise next week i shall be going back to my dancy stuff to get me through college, because i don't think james blake will.. as lovely as his voice is!

so my top 5 dancy tunes are....

5. Sophie-Ellis Bextor - if i cant dance 
4. Vampire Weekend - A-punk
3. Alphabeat - fascination    (i couldn't resist!)
2. Coldplay every tear drop is a waterfall (Swedish House Mafia remix)
1. above and beyond - sun and moon

these are songs i listen to on the way to the bus on a morning they cheer me up all the time :) as you go down the top 5 they get more dancy! i would recommend knife party all the way, but if your not into drum and bass maybe that isn't for you! maybe you should try some Bombay bicycle club -shuffle again that is a pretty dancy tune you can deffo pump out some moves! 

but if you want to listen to some slow things i would recommend this week Nerina Pallot, i have mentioned her once in one of my blogs and wow. she is just amazing! 
her new single 'All Bets Are Of' is so easy to relate to and i think you should have a cheeky listen just to witness her voice, try and find a acoustic version as she is much better live :) 

sorry this hasnt had much fashion in! more on that tomorrow when i am at college ;)
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Thursday, 5 January 2012

portrait Friday: 02

shirt: hearts and bows - arc clothing 
bowtie: white ribbon
scarf: purple haze vintage store
hair grip: accessories

i absoultely love this outfit! some of my friends said that its a tad boyish, but i think i may have to disagree, this is barfar the best outfit i have worn in a while! i think when i saw my friends i was rather too impressed with this outfit.. the scarf i think adds colour to the blue and white theme i have going on, and i also think the scarf adds a bit more me to it also! the shirt i have had for years now and its something i have recently found in the bottom of my wardrobe RESULT! saved me £30 from buying a new on in topshop! the only issue is that its a long one, so i have to wear hight waisted shorts.. but i think all should be fine! you have probably noticed my hair is different,, if not it is! I have gone back to my normal hair for a while just to see what the big difference is, and its not that big so i might keep swapping styles :) but i do like my hair like this...

 ring: topshop 
earrings: miss selfridge

so these are my latest additions to my jewellery family :) i think this is now an addiction, every time i go shopping i get something! but i love these items, i think they are something i can wear with anything and i have wanted this ring for a while, thought i would treat myself! also the earrings were £1 in the sale.. so get yourselves there, i just saw them and the price and i was on an emotional high for the rest of the day! 

music wise things are pretty much the same, and i am still downloading music everyday.. worrying :/ the only really good thing other than what i said on monday would be Nerina Pallot. I have so much love for this woman! have a listen

i am going to stop going on now! thank you for reading,
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amie x

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

lovely days

dress: glamorous in ark
shoes: office
jacket: topshop 

this is a picture taken at one of my friends house before new years eve so this is the outfit i wore, i hope you like it haha! 
i am very proud by the fact all of these clothes were bought in the sale.. impressive i know ;) 

so the purpose of today is just to say i have spent the day with one of my old friends and i thought it would be awkward.. it wasnt it was an amazing day, even though it was freezing D: but i had a fab day with my girly <3

so i bought more jewellery.. oops, more rings and earrings i shall show you them tomorrow when i find my camera charger and i can take some snaps :)

this is a short one today as i just wanted to express my love of friends and also double deckers..they are so yummy :) 

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amie x 

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Silly tuesday: 01

so i have been sat alone at home alone all day.. thought i would maybe starting adding some form of fun to my blog they have been really deep recently aha! so i have decided silly tuesday would work! 

jumper: abercrombie & fitch
top: topshop

i tried out this new editing programme on my computer this afternoon thought i would give it a whirl.. so i am in black and white! exciting times teehee :)

the top i am wearing is fairly old now, but i absolutely love it, i wear it nearly all the time i think it looks pretty awesome with everything so i practically live in it, and i have done since summer, not too sure if thats good or bad!!
its the same with my jumper its fluffy inside so it keeps me lovely and warm which is always a plus! i have had it a while.. but again goes with most things.. which is a win win situation :) 
so news of this week, i need to wear my glasses nearly all the time now, which i find depressing because its such a faf having to take them places! so i think contact lenses are the way forward! whoop! and not only that but i am going shopping AGAIN tomorrow which should be awesome... i havent much money but i am sure i will find something ;) so it will be another late post :/ but stay tuned as i will be posting :)

last week of the holidays now.. this is just getting sad..! i miss christmas... haha

thank you for reading
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Sunday, 1 January 2012

music monday: 01

so yesterday i was saying that i would talk more about music, so on a Monday i am going to talk about my favourite music currently, and tell you what i have recently put on my ipod! 

but first i would like to start by going over my past music loves of which i have come back to in the past week...
1. Alphabeat! i said in my previous blogs that i really like their music and it brings a smile to my face, and that still stands
2. Britney Spears... sad i know but i was with friends on nye and we put her on and it reminded me of old times.. and now i cant stop listening to her old classics!
3. a final past favourite of mine.. spice girls... i know very very sad but they were my fave as a young girl and i think that when you hear their music it always makes you fell better! 

anyway enough about the cheesy things! so firstly 

1. James Blake i mentioned him in my blog on friday! but i think i will still be listening to his soothing voice this week as i need to get some work done!
2. Kate Nash, again she is an old personal favourite of mine! and i am glad i have come to like her again! her first album 'made of bricks' is the best and her songs i think really link into my life style! My personal favourite is  'mariella' 
3. Benjamin Francis-Lefwitch, he isn't very well known in the music world but he has been played on radio 1 a fair few times being Greg James record of the week! his debut album 'Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm' is simply beautiful and his lyrics are just again beautiful! My personal favourite is 'pictures' 
4. finally one band i came across most recently is 'The Black Keys' their new album 'El Camino' is just so good! i find i can dance to almost every song! my personal favourite is 'lonely boy' 

hope you enjoy this fine selection of music ;) i shall be doing a more fashion based blog tomorrow

thank-you for reading
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happy new years :)

well a happy 2012 to you all, hope your all not to rough... unlike me.. oops!

well like i said yesterday i did my nails with some minx, so i thought i would share with you the nails! you have to bear in mind here i took this at the party, so the picture isn't that good! but it gets my point across :) 

i got these in topshop: Nail Rock in blue star

also to keep you informed i wore the dress to the party, not sure if that was a good choice but hey i think it looked pretty good ;)

so i now need to find some more clothes which i can wear to school, preferably not more shorts i now have way to many pairs, i shall keep you informed on how this goes, hopefully well.. 

i will do some more music from tomorrow now that the big party season has finished! 

happy new year :) 

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