Thursday, 5 January 2012

portrait Friday: 02

shirt: hearts and bows - arc clothing 
bowtie: white ribbon
scarf: purple haze vintage store
hair grip: accessories

i absoultely love this outfit! some of my friends said that its a tad boyish, but i think i may have to disagree, this is barfar the best outfit i have worn in a while! i think when i saw my friends i was rather too impressed with this outfit.. the scarf i think adds colour to the blue and white theme i have going on, and i also think the scarf adds a bit more me to it also! the shirt i have had for years now and its something i have recently found in the bottom of my wardrobe RESULT! saved me £30 from buying a new on in topshop! the only issue is that its a long one, so i have to wear hight waisted shorts.. but i think all should be fine! you have probably noticed my hair is different,, if not it is! I have gone back to my normal hair for a while just to see what the big difference is, and its not that big so i might keep swapping styles :) but i do like my hair like this...

 ring: topshop 
earrings: miss selfridge

so these are my latest additions to my jewellery family :) i think this is now an addiction, every time i go shopping i get something! but i love these items, i think they are something i can wear with anything and i have wanted this ring for a while, thought i would treat myself! also the earrings were £1 in the sale.. so get yourselves there, i just saw them and the price and i was on an emotional high for the rest of the day! 

music wise things are pretty much the same, and i am still downloading music everyday.. worrying :/ the only really good thing other than what i said on monday would be Nerina Pallot. I have so much love for this woman! have a listen

i am going to stop going on now! thank you for reading,
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amie x

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  1. Absolutely fantastic!!!! Brilliant style! You've got great blog here! Have a great day and a brilliant week ahead!