Sunday, 1 January 2012

music monday: 01

so yesterday i was saying that i would talk more about music, so on a Monday i am going to talk about my favourite music currently, and tell you what i have recently put on my ipod! 

but first i would like to start by going over my past music loves of which i have come back to in the past week...
1. Alphabeat! i said in my previous blogs that i really like their music and it brings a smile to my face, and that still stands
2. Britney Spears... sad i know but i was with friends on nye and we put her on and it reminded me of old times.. and now i cant stop listening to her old classics!
3. a final past favourite of mine.. spice girls... i know very very sad but they were my fave as a young girl and i think that when you hear their music it always makes you fell better! 

anyway enough about the cheesy things! so firstly 

1. James Blake i mentioned him in my blog on friday! but i think i will still be listening to his soothing voice this week as i need to get some work done!
2. Kate Nash, again she is an old personal favourite of mine! and i am glad i have come to like her again! her first album 'made of bricks' is the best and her songs i think really link into my life style! My personal favourite is  'mariella' 
3. Benjamin Francis-Lefwitch, he isn't very well known in the music world but he has been played on radio 1 a fair few times being Greg James record of the week! his debut album 'Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm' is simply beautiful and his lyrics are just again beautiful! My personal favourite is 'pictures' 
4. finally one band i came across most recently is 'The Black Keys' their new album 'El Camino' is just so good! i find i can dance to almost every song! my personal favourite is 'lonely boy' 

hope you enjoy this fine selection of music ;) i shall be doing a more fashion based blog tomorrow

thank-you for reading
like and comment :) amie x

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