Sunday, 8 January 2012

what a weekend!

So this weekend didn't quite go as i had originally panned out.. went out during the day for lunch with one of my friends and ate loads then went out again last night when i was meant to stay in and read for my english.. D: and now instead of doing psychology i am blogging, i think this is trying to prove maybe things arent going well! haha

not only that but the fact that Christmas is defiantly over makes me so sad, and also i begin school again tomorrow so much to get ready D: i have suddenly become more un-organised and i really don't like it, i think i need to sort myself out haha! 

so music wise next week i shall be going back to my dancy stuff to get me through college, because i don't think james blake will.. as lovely as his voice is!

so my top 5 dancy tunes are....

5. Sophie-Ellis Bextor - if i cant dance 
4. Vampire Weekend - A-punk
3. Alphabeat - fascination    (i couldn't resist!)
2. Coldplay every tear drop is a waterfall (Swedish House Mafia remix)
1. above and beyond - sun and moon

these are songs i listen to on the way to the bus on a morning they cheer me up all the time :) as you go down the top 5 they get more dancy! i would recommend knife party all the way, but if your not into drum and bass maybe that isn't for you! maybe you should try some Bombay bicycle club -shuffle again that is a pretty dancy tune you can deffo pump out some moves! 

but if you want to listen to some slow things i would recommend this week Nerina Pallot, i have mentioned her once in one of my blogs and wow. she is just amazing! 
her new single 'All Bets Are Of' is so easy to relate to and i think you should have a cheeky listen just to witness her voice, try and find a acoustic version as she is much better live :) 

sorry this hasnt had much fashion in! more on that tomorrow when i am at college ;)
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amie x

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