Wednesday, 4 January 2012

lovely days

dress: glamorous in ark
shoes: office
jacket: topshop 

this is a picture taken at one of my friends house before new years eve so this is the outfit i wore, i hope you like it haha! 
i am very proud by the fact all of these clothes were bought in the sale.. impressive i know ;) 

so the purpose of today is just to say i have spent the day with one of my old friends and i thought it would be awkward.. it wasnt it was an amazing day, even though it was freezing D: but i had a fab day with my girly <3

so i bought more jewellery.. oops, more rings and earrings i shall show you them tomorrow when i find my camera charger and i can take some snaps :)

this is a short one today as i just wanted to express my love of friends and also double deckers..they are so yummy :) 

thank you for reading
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amie x 

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