Monday, 9 January 2012

well i pretty much had music monday covered yesterday so if you are looking for my music this week read my previous blog 'what a weekend!' 

so your probably noticing i am back at school bummer, and surprisingly i did way more work in my frees than first intended i was rather proud of myself! but i still have so much work it is actually ridiculous i look at other colleges and they seem to be doing less work, how unfortunate! but we shall go on, as they say!

i think a moan is needed! i don't mean to be sexist here but why are men so horrible to girls and treat us women as though we are nothing...i mean yeah they need space but i dont like being treated as if i am a reserve/substitute.. if you have any advice drop comment. rant over. 

so clothes wise i wore some deep purple jeans from topshop and a flowery top from jack wills (I never really wear jack wills.. but i love this top!) and topshop lofers and a scarf...
i think i looked rather chilled out today but i was so tired, my body clock is actually ruined ! ahh well!
i will post tomorrow about silly tuesday!
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amie x


  1. Absolutely brilliant post! You've got amazing sense of sense of style. Have a great day! Fantastic blog by the way....

    1. thank you :) that means a lot to read that

      keep reading x