Wednesday, 14 January 2015

LC:M Not Just For Men

Hey my loves.

Since you seem to enjoy reading my opinion pieces, I have another one lined up for you all. And it is much more with the times. As you can tell, it is based on LC:M (London Collection Men) which ended yesterday. This piece (in a nutshell) is based on my opinion on how it isn't just for men anymore. And also my fave shows :)
It isn't a long one, as we have a word count. *boo*

Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

With LC:M now sadly over, I realise that women don’t just attend these shows to look at the eye candy (although that can play some part). 

The UK menswear seasons have fast become a staple on the fashion map. It is one I look forward to each year, and strangely the one I keep most up to date with. From the get-go, four years ago, I have found myself wanting some of the designs to wear myself. I am as far from a tomboy, in fact I’m the most girly out of all my friends. But I do enjoy a crisp white shirt, a well thought out jacket and the odd jaunty hat here and there. The knits, man-bags prints and the inventive sports-wear leave me drooling awkwardly and I end up saying “I could totally work that!” So much so I would happily run backstage and try it on myself (and totally ignore the half-naked men.. weird). I think it’s time we forget about the days you borrowed your mans jumper, and go straight to LC:M and pick up yourself. 

The shows that stood out for me this year Christopher Shannon. Because finally someone has noticed it isn't pouring gold on everyones heads. Mainly plastic carrier bags. Fashion encapsulates the modern times, and with Shannon it felt that way because it encapsulated the message of how many people in the wider culture feel. Craig Green, the way he creates a garment so unique look so effortless is amazing. There’s an intense truth to his work. The fact that these are all still young designers and have the ability to oppose the ideas of masculinity and street force, is something that is truly inspiring within fashion. Not to mention the fact, I feel compelled to mention Oliver Spencer. Who is possibly my favourite menswear designer in a long time. His suits are perfectly effortless, and I just fall in love with every garment, he has ever ever made!

When it comes to menswear many think it’s all very smart, tight and tailored and I suppose yes that is a very big part of it; the trip down to the high-end tailor and be grateful for the suit made is something to be cherished. Yet the flip side to LC:M is that it can be much more extreme, and that is what the UK is best known for. 

I would love to hear your opinions on this one. Do you think menswear is now something women can look to for inspiration? Or is it just me?

Thank-you for your support as always. 
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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Beard Baubles..

Hi guys... guess who's back *sheepish smile* 

After sorting myself out, I am here with a new piece for you all! hurray! 

As you can see from the title, it's based on men. Like I have explained in other blog posts, menswear is something I am very interested in. And is an area I am most probably going to work in ha! 
So as a part of our opinion piece module, I have one for you to read :) 

Beards. Big bushy ones to small weedy ones. You either love them or you hate them, like marmite. With the beard trend becoming the fastest growing trend of 2014, it’s not wrong to say that we knew something ridiculous would come out of it. 

News of the Beard Baubles hit the internet recently and they are rather questionable. They are exactly what they sound like, little ornaments that hang from your beard as if it were a Christmas tree. I mean for extra ‘lad points’ you might as well put a star on your head and be done with it.

Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford who work at the ad agency Grey London, devised the idea of Beard Baubles as a way of raising money for the Australian charity Beard Season, which ultimately aims to raise awareness for melanoma. Great idea, I am all up for charity. But making an imbecile of yourself, is not the way to go. 

Selling for £7 a pop, these baubles have all sold out. Shock. Instead of attaching the baubles to the beard via a hook, rather conveniently they attach like a booby pin. What better than to add dangling glitter balls of a grown mans face to show that you love christmas. Hello, santa. 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I love a beard, but sticking shiny balls onto them is not going to make me love the man any more, just make my body cringe.

Thank-you for reading
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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Nip Slip’s Are In. Good-bye Red Hoop of Shame.

Now I am back at uni, I am writing opinion pieces on what is going on in the fashion world. I am going to use this blog to show you what I am feeling, and show you what type of work I am up to :) 

The first of the 10 posts, is about 'Free The Nipple' campaign. What isn't mentioned in the article is that Karl Largerfeld for Chanel, his show this season, caused a havoc. He is known across the globe for being very mean towards women. Yet his show is promoting feminism and equality. Is this a publicity stunt to promote his designs, or is he genuinely interested? My thoughts? 
He is using this as a promotion. But thats my opinion. I would love to here what you think.. Anyway, here is the article. Hope you enjoy it!

Recent controversies about the campaign “Free the Nipple”, appears to me that the issue has been taken, somewhat, out of hand.

Watching London Fashion Week 2014, I was admiring shows such as Christopher Kane, Burberry and Simone Rocha. What seemed apparent to me was the vast amount of nip on show. From hiding behind pin-stripes to them playing peek-a-boo through sheer blouses – the nipple was the key accessory to summer 2014. 

All this got me thinking - If men can get their bods out in public, why can’t women? We have been brought up to believe; they are a secretive part of our bodies, we need some self-discretion, and we want that element of surprise when men take our tops off! In the US women get arrested for appearing nude. Why do we find ourselves judging people who do it? I am guilty for this. If I come across a nude, I run a mile. I don't like seeing someone’s boobs. It makes me feel awkward inside. 

The Campaign “Free The Nipple” was brought to life via a film by Lisa Esco. The film, based on a true story, is about a girl who protests about ‘equality and a mission to empower women’. The film targets the US censorship laws, where it is illegal in 37 states for a woman to appear topless. In what way does showing your boobs sort this out? It seems odd. I am all for equality, but is showing boobs the answer? It only makes us look stupid, which defies what women have been fighting against for the past 80 years.

Thank-you for reading.
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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Bring On The Men


Before I go on with this weeks post, I have some news *drum roll*
I HAVE A JOB!!! Lets all take a moment and let that sink in. I, Amie Grice, have an actual R E A L job. In an actual shop. WOOHOO. I am so pleased and very proud of myself, since I have branched out of just doing nannying.. I feel it is for the best! But don'e get me wrong I am still going to be looking after the kids, I don't want to leave them on their own aha! 

As you may have read in one of my last posts you will have seen that I have become rather interested in men's fashion.. so I think once every other week I am going to share some knowledge for my male readers, and to enlighten you girlies with some very attractive fashionable men!

I find if there's one thing that isn't praised enough is a well dressed man! If you look back in time, you will notice in all photographs as late as the 20's to the 70's men were dressed amazingly. Just stunning. A suit was casual ware! And I think you girls will agree here when I say - There's nothing more attractive than a man in suit *Drools*.
But what happened? The rock bands happened and it all evolved from there.. In came jeans, trainers and the tracksuits.. and men hopped on that band wagon faster than a pig jumps into mud. And that's where the chav comes in.. need I say anymore? And suddenly fashion, which men used to be so involved in in order to impress other males, became a predominantly female trait as we needed fashion to express ourselves and prove to men we can be like them.. So I suppose we took away their fashion loves and made it all girly.. However, I find there is nothing more attractive and 'manly' than a man who dresses well and looks.. I guess. 

As it shows to us girls, that yeah! You can try and you put pride and effort in yourself. As statistics show, we judge people within 3 seconds.. Now.. if you're wearing an awful outfit that looks shoddy, I/us girls will automatically assume that you're:
1. messy 

2. genuinely don't care
3. unorganized.. 
need I go on?!
However, I do feel for you men.. You have no choice! There's not much for you lads out there is there? And this is why we have no men in suits, because society says that if you wear in a suit on a night out you are.. well.. a bellend and not a "lad" but... I want to see men in a suit as casual wear.. I think that they look much more attractive *yummyy*. But as some of my male friends would say "It's too much effort" or "I am not looking like a bellend 24/7".. so I think I am trying to fight an already loosing battle.
But it would be nice to see men dressed amazingly all the time, and not with their arse cheeks out all the time, as I do feel like a peado when I see a man with his bum out.. but hey! You can't help but look ;) 

So as a tribute to you very good looking and well dressed men, this inspiration is dedicated to you lot.
Top marks for effort *claps* 

Thank-You for reading gang :)
See you all soon

Monday, 16 June 2014

Just A Yorkshire Girl With Big Dreams


After a stressful final term of uni, I am back and I have passed my first year with a *drum roll please* A FIRST. I am so pleased with myself, for the first time in my life I can actually sit here and say.. "Amie, gurl have a glass of vino, chill out, because you have done well kid." People often ask me about the degree I am doing.. and they say "oh you're doing Fashion Journalism, well thats not a proper degree" or something along those lines. Well to those people.. 
1. It is a proper degree. I had to work just as hard as everyone else to get on their courses. 
2. Just because I'm not writing essays everyday, and I'm not doing exams doesn't make my course any easier. Our course relys on us working on 2 huge projects at a time and you have to put in 100% effort. always. You can be in the library for 8hours and still have only done 2 pages of a magazine/fashion edit in that time.. and its so bloody agrovating. It's hard graft..
3. It is achedemic. Just because we learn about the significance of a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans doesn't mean we're not clever or 'retarded'.. it's history. I learn more about the history of art/politics/social and economic issues of the world than anything else.. as this amounts to what we wear and how designers feel. In actual fact, designers/artists look to the issues of the world and make that into clothes in order for people to express how they feel about what is going on. To me that is the most powerful thing a person can do. But because these simple pieces have been passed on to places on the high street their meaning is lost.. and then to the average person it's nothing. But the simple white T-Shirt was actually a canvas for the people to state what they truely felt about the world and what was going on. 

I have so many more reasons but I think this gives it justice. I hope that people can see here that what I, and what many others who study Fashion Journalism, is that we learn about the history of what we wear today.. and as a journalist/blogger it is my duty to share that with you.. So stuff you closed minded people. It is a degree. *rant over*

So.. ahaha... I am back, and I have noticed this time has gone by and I haven't blogged.. at all.. and for that I have no explination other than I have been going out and partying way to hard... so hard that I havent been going home. *sorry mum* However, I am now back in Yorkshire away from my uni pals, and this makes me super sad. I ain't gonna lie.. but I do love being back home with the fam and friends! Its nice. But this means I haven't got as many resources to blog with.. but I have a few ideas for this summer which I feel may bring this place some character! I feel on here I want to include more of me.. which probably sounds highly bizarre and out there, but i do.. I feel like I want to include my personality more in each post.. to give you lot an insight into a yorkshire girls way of life, and how difficult it is to be a 'fashionista' when there's nothing but sheep and fields. 

The last time I was on here I was going to show you the styling shoot I did.. I got an A for that *woo* and that post is going to be up here next. However, I have become very keen on Men's fashion.. I have no idea why, but I really feel as though that it is something that isnt discussed very much on blogs.. especially by women. So I am going to give this a whirl, and plus that means many a hot men :D *woo* 

But for now enough talking from me.. here is some Inspiration :)

As always you can findthese images on my tumblr. 

Here I have ended my post with the orignal cast of my all time face film - Mary  Poppins :D 

Sorry this post this post was rather 'ranty' but I had a lot on my chest! 
thank you for reading
see you next week :)

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Ain't No Mountain High Enough!

Hello Lovlies! This weeks word is: Galloon. Like balloon... but not! Again I love saying this word, it's so fun and it just rolls of the tounge! The meaning: "A very ornamental braid, made often in gold, silver, or other metallic colors that is flat and wide and has both edges finished in the same way. It is sometimes decorated with jewels or colored stones and has been popular as ornamentation for evening wear" little nugget of info for you there kids! 

Many of you are probably wondering why the title is "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". well, this is because recently I have been listening to SO much Motown that it's actually embarrassing. But I have to say, it's amazing. Music now-a-days is brill, but this is out of this world! You can't help but smile and dance. And I LOVE IT.


Last week not much happened.. and then. I only went and lost my debit card in Croydon. I shall now be known as a gump and a loser for ever more.
Now I have to wait until my card comes back to me and I can then have some moneys.. I told my dad luckily he was understanding and has PROMISED not to tell my mum otherwise shit will hit the fan. not pretty. 

If money was no option, this week I would be jumping straight over to Céline for their RTW spring collection. I think some of these garments are just LUSH and this off white felted merino wool sweater is just LUSH. Something that could be worn dressy or casual. I WANT IT NOW. 

In addition to this I also would like the Céline Dark brown fox and mink coat. It's just beautiful, and would be my baby from until forever more. again.. I WANT.

as always all these images can be found on my tumblr! 

Thanks for all the support loves, keep on reading
see you soon.