Monday, 16 June 2014

Just A Yorkshire Girl With Big Dreams


After a stressful final term of uni, I am back and I have passed my first year with a *drum roll please* A FIRST. I am so pleased with myself, for the first time in my life I can actually sit here and say.. "Amie, gurl have a glass of vino, chill out, because you have done well kid." People often ask me about the degree I am doing.. and they say "oh you're doing Fashion Journalism, well thats not a proper degree" or something along those lines. Well to those people.. 
1. It is a proper degree. I had to work just as hard as everyone else to get on their courses. 
2. Just because I'm not writing essays everyday, and I'm not doing exams doesn't make my course any easier. Our course relys on us working on 2 huge projects at a time and you have to put in 100% effort. always. You can be in the library for 8hours and still have only done 2 pages of a magazine/fashion edit in that time.. and its so bloody agrovating. It's hard graft..
3. It is achedemic. Just because we learn about the significance of a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans doesn't mean we're not clever or 'retarded'.. it's history. I learn more about the history of art/politics/social and economic issues of the world than anything else.. as this amounts to what we wear and how designers feel. In actual fact, designers/artists look to the issues of the world and make that into clothes in order for people to express how they feel about what is going on. To me that is the most powerful thing a person can do. But because these simple pieces have been passed on to places on the high street their meaning is lost.. and then to the average person it's nothing. But the simple white T-Shirt was actually a canvas for the people to state what they truely felt about the world and what was going on. 

I have so many more reasons but I think this gives it justice. I hope that people can see here that what I, and what many others who study Fashion Journalism, is that we learn about the history of what we wear today.. and as a journalist/blogger it is my duty to share that with you.. So stuff you closed minded people. It is a degree. *rant over*

So.. ahaha... I am back, and I have noticed this time has gone by and I haven't blogged.. at all.. and for that I have no explination other than I have been going out and partying way to hard... so hard that I havent been going home. *sorry mum* However, I am now back in Yorkshire away from my uni pals, and this makes me super sad. I ain't gonna lie.. but I do love being back home with the fam and friends! Its nice. But this means I haven't got as many resources to blog with.. but I have a few ideas for this summer which I feel may bring this place some character! I feel on here I want to include more of me.. which probably sounds highly bizarre and out there, but i do.. I feel like I want to include my personality more in each post.. to give you lot an insight into a yorkshire girls way of life, and how difficult it is to be a 'fashionista' when there's nothing but sheep and fields. 

The last time I was on here I was going to show you the styling shoot I did.. I got an A for that *woo* and that post is going to be up here next. However, I have become very keen on Men's fashion.. I have no idea why, but I really feel as though that it is something that isnt discussed very much on blogs.. especially by women. So I am going to give this a whirl, and plus that means many a hot men :D *woo* 

But for now enough talking from me.. here is some Inspiration :)

As always you can findthese images on my tumblr. 

Here I have ended my post with the orignal cast of my all time face film - Mary  Poppins :D 

Sorry this post this post was rather 'ranty' but I had a lot on my chest! 
thank you for reading
see you next week :)

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