Thursday, 6 February 2014

Ain't No Mountain High Enough!

Hello Lovlies! This weeks word is: Galloon. Like balloon... but not! Again I love saying this word, it's so fun and it just rolls of the tounge! The meaning: "A very ornamental braid, made often in gold, silver, or other metallic colors that is flat and wide and has both edges finished in the same way. It is sometimes decorated with jewels or colored stones and has been popular as ornamentation for evening wear" little nugget of info for you there kids! 

Many of you are probably wondering why the title is "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". well, this is because recently I have been listening to SO much Motown that it's actually embarrassing. But I have to say, it's amazing. Music now-a-days is brill, but this is out of this world! You can't help but smile and dance. And I LOVE IT.


Last week not much happened.. and then. I only went and lost my debit card in Croydon. I shall now be known as a gump and a loser for ever more.
Now I have to wait until my card comes back to me and I can then have some moneys.. I told my dad luckily he was understanding and has PROMISED not to tell my mum otherwise shit will hit the fan. not pretty. 

If money was no option, this week I would be jumping straight over to Céline for their RTW spring collection. I think some of these garments are just LUSH and this off white felted merino wool sweater is just LUSH. Something that could be worn dressy or casual. I WANT IT NOW. 

In addition to this I also would like the Céline Dark brown fox and mink coat. It's just beautiful, and would be my baby from until forever more. again.. I WANT.

as always all these images can be found on my tumblr! 

Thanks for all the support loves, keep on reading
see you soon. 

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