Friday, 30 November 2012

hello mr bond.. WINTER TIME

Hello my lovelies - after failing my theory last week the new test is booked and I WILL...pass this time even if it kills me! So this week has been a slow starter haven't done anything at all which sucks :( however - the exciting news is Band Xmas playing has begun.. HELL YES. *nerd alert, sound the alarm* this can only mean 1 thing chaps.. countdown to Christmas, which means festive blog posts (y) *cheer* I can see the excitement in all of your pretty eyes haha!
With this post comes: The festive Jumper party post, My best 10 crimbo songs, Candle reviews, Jumpers, Trees, Decor and many many more!
With the theme of xmas, this can only mean 2 things, Nerina Pallot gig who i go and see every festive time with my mum and her friends. And Mumford & Sons... yes you heard me! this coming tuesday i shall be there with my fiddle rocking out to Babel (y) if you are going to Newcastle, I shall see you chaps there :D
For those who are bright enough to realise, my posts are now on a weekend so I can give you a good review of the week and let you know what's going down! *and because I have loads of school work and I have no time, but.. we shall make the time!*
like I said, I am feeling super festive, got my Costa 2 for 1 the other day, I got 2 Honeycomb hot chocolates.. omg they were uh-to-the-mazing! 
What topped of my week however was the fact the bus drove off without me on Friday -.- I rushed my shower and everything and nope. He drove off. I was not amused. So I was just sat at home..not really doing anything #annoyed
Went into my local town on Wednesday, and hit the charity shops, and found some bargains, but (ready for this) I didn't buy anything, I have no idea what was wrong with me but I didn't buy one single item... and there was so many jumpers which i could've worked with but.. I dunno something has changed! I DON'T LIKE IT!

What was worn this week?
New Jack Wills leggings - i know many will be rolling the eyes at this one! It isn't as bad as it looks! I bought them because they are thick so they will keep me all toasty and because i had a 30% of code and didn't want it to go to waste, so I bought leggings! 
Festive Jumpers - now we are into December the festive knitts are allowed to come out and i aren't holding back my friends, i am going all out with the santa jumpers and whatever else comes with that ;) If this means becoming a Bridget Jones.. BRING IT ON.
Still need a new coat *sigh* I will find one soons I hope, I am hoping to find one on Ebay or on Asos Market place <<-- new fave place 

ready for the James Bond themed party tonight - i think it's going to be so much fun! got my dress at the ready - which is in the previous post! got my toy gun.. emphasis on toy, got my little toy cat ready... just need some make-up ideas hmmmm
oh I am going as Pussy Galore (from goldfinger i think,, don't kill me if I'm wrong!)

Piccys will be up next week!

News *queue rubbish theme tune*: 
Online fashion week is so soons - super excited! starts the 3rd of December and ends on the 7th! Hopefully I will get in on some of the daily offers... If all goes to plan the xmas shopping will be sorted and I will become a saint for being so organised.. BOOM. 

Inspiration (winter edition): 

as always you guys can find these images on my tumblr :)

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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Topshop Haul/Eyebrows/Inspiration

Sat in my festive PJ's in bed with my cat and hot water bottle writing my blog and listening to Justin Beiber's new song is this a bad thing?.. *i must appologise for the length of this post and how long it has taken me to write...* productive day if you ask me ;) I have had a very productive weekend if you ask me, went shopping twice and bought many items, both prezzies and gifts for myself ;) And I also got my eyebrows threaded - what a palava that was -.-
So I went into superdrug where I always get them done cause it's cheap and it looks good after, so I walked in and I was in a bit of a rush too meet my mum - So I asked 'how long does this take?'  she replied with 5mins so I handed over the money and got it done! I was on my own may I add and I was in the shop window.. people were staring it was V. embarrassing, however, I opened my eye and had the scare of my life and she was looking directly at me..scary! And she was wearing knitted fingerless gloves.. I haven't a clue why! But it took over 15 mins and I had 20,000,000 missed calls from my mum.. (exaggeration) then I had to run to meet her.. I actually ran.. and i never ever run D: it was so embarrassing! *however they do look good and i recommend the woman, but you have to listen as they speak quietly and not in English*

This week has been another productive one Ucas is done (y) and harry's presents have been sorted and on top of that i have found my mums ring which has been lost for over 2 weeks ooops :(
casually writing the rest of this post in my music lesson, We are having a relaxed lesson so I thought I would just go for it, rebel :P 

Before I go into my recent topshop buys I have a quick mention:
My friend David McCaffrey is one heck of an amazing musician/songwriter/singer and he has got his new song up on the old Youtube, It's called 'Forty Days'. He has got an EP which you can download/buy from his Facebook which i will link below, this contains one of my favourite songs 'Stars', I guarantee you all will love that track!
He has a similar sound to Ben Howard/Ed Sheeran so if you like those guys deffo check him out - I love his voice and he is AMAZING live! He has supported the likes of Sandi Thom & Ryan Keen.Big things for this guy :)

Forty days is above :)
Facebook -
Blog -

Enjoy :)

Topshop Haul:
As most of you know / or don't know, I have been invited to a James bond themed party for next weekend, so I thought I need a dress, so hit topshop and tried on a few dresses and this is what I came away with:
I think this is a really classy dress, and I adore the colour. I think it looks great dressed down and dressed up.. so much love for it! 
- I then went to the t-shirt section and I found this t-shirt tunic dress..
Now when I got it I didn't notice the slits down the side, and I was put off by it when i wore it at first but after wearing it, I think its different but looks really cool! I haven't quite found the perfect outfit for it yet, but when I do I shall let you guys know! You may also notice the colour scheme, I really like this colour for autumn/winter so prepare yourself for more of this colour!
I then went to the jeans section. I can not stress enough how much I love their jeans - I don't get jeans from anywhere else, I think they fit really well and just last a long time. I have one pair that has lasted me since year 8 and I am year 13 now..
So I bought the Black super soft Leigh jeans - I am sure you will all know what they look like hahahaha!



as always you can find all these images on my Tumblr page- which is linked in the bar above :) 

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

movember and sons/rings

Hello my lovely ones - by the title i think you can all see the amusement I had when I saw the poster which is in my college, by lord I was laughing for so long! I think movember is a really good thing, apart from when you see guys who can't grow a tash or a beard trying.. yes they are trying but come on it looks AWFUL! As my mum calls it, and i am sure many of you will also, bum fluff... YUM! I think I might try and grow a tash,, or maybe not ;)
What has this week in store for me?
Uni Applications D: i really CBA, i mean I need to re do my personal statement and find one more uni to go to, its just effort! i will try and keep you all informed on what i am doing!
Also this weekend Harry is taking me out on a date! I am quite excited about it really, as he hasn't taken me out for a meal before.. if i am honest i am rather nervous.. :/ 

I'm a celeb! i am so happy it has started! It now feels really festive, i feel ready for christmas more so than i was last year!

I should say - that i am currently writing this in the newly decorated common room at my college.. with my flask! so if by some chance i get distracted it is because my friends are putting me off -.- they don't like it when i dont reply to their conversations.. However soon the kitchen will open and i think it will be time for a morning cookie.. cause i am so healthy ;)

Fashion this week should be rather relaxed to contrast my stressy week D: this just made me remember, when i went into lush (i will get into it in a mo!) this lovely woman complimented me on my topshop oxblood jumper.. Omg I thought I was going to hug her! I felt so cool.. like 'yeah bitch I am stylish.. look at me'  however I smiled dorkily and said 'gee thanks'  EMBARRASSING.
So.. In lush i got some free samples.. actually i got a fair few.. i went all out! However the lady never labelled them, so i don't know what i have D: such a downer. 

News; Of course now the festive season is here there is Xmas lights being put on all over the country, one that particualry caught my eye was the Carnaby Street lights to commemorate the rolling stones 50th anniversary. The lights are AMAZING!

In addition to this, for the 90's kids among us who know about Furby's.. well.. THEY ARE BACK! I aren't too sure if this is a good thing, but hey ho i loved them!

Last week's buys... Well for my bday i got a few pennies to spend & Harry was feeling nice. So I went to York and hit the Pandora shop, and i got myself some rings(H&M) and harry got me one :) It's simple yet really effective and i think it looks really really classy

with this come my swatch watch review...
I think it is so simple but so so effective I think it is really lady like and I find it will brighten up any outfit due to the colour - however i can see many people finding it hard to put on on their own as the strap is fiddly as it is a double strap, but that doesn't detract it from the fact that this is one amazing watch.

New skirt.. Review.
It's a leather one.. And I thought it was going to be a smidge risky.. but I LOVE IT. I can't stress it enough :) however... when you sit down it rides up -.- and there is one.. ONE.. awkward pleat down the side and yeah you can see my crown jewels if you get my drift ;) and no one wants to see that, so I don't know when I should wear it, as I am always sitting down D: CRISIS. 

i will leave you on this amazing note... 

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Young Republic/Stylist Pick

Christmas is so soon.. just as an opener for you, and I have only bought 1 present.. this is unorganisation to the MAX! However i have a reason, i have been busy revising for the theory for driving.. GAH! it's so soon D:

As some remember or if you are new here, I wrote a post about online shopping, well... Previously I got an email by 'The Young Republic' about their new christmas range, so in the opposite bar you will find an interactive booklet of their products... We are going all techno here guys ;) if you are unable to view this here is the link:

after having a cheeky look myself there is some products which really stand out for me such as: the Maxi Dress Zoe phobic
I think it is so classy, but you could easily dress it down with a jacket.. love it!

Also what caught my eye was the embellished ruby dress... i love the leather and the little embroideries, i think it's so beautiful

what also caught my eye was the Asymmetric cardigan i thought it would look amazing with a blouse and some leggings and loafers for a casual look:

finally what caught my eye were the paperbag floral shorts, wow i think they are so jazzy but they are so sophisticated! I think they are so nice, i am impressed!

As you can probably tell, i really like this website, so all of you have a look.. I will now stop using the phrase what caught my eye.. I apologise! 

What else has really caught my eye is the online store called:
I was blown away by their shoe collection and there's on specific pair that has really caught my eye and I need them. NEED.

This is the only image I could use.. which is upsetting! but however i think they are lovely and with those shorts above the two will be one amazing outfit. AMAZING. 

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Saturday, 10 November 2012

News/Day In Pictures

So casually flipping through my magazines cause I am awesome, and through my e-mails and I read that selfridges have opened up a new male shoe section, the biggest in the world... I think I sat at my computer screen in awe of it!! I want to witness what it looks like.. haha! So this sparked up an idea in my head.. every so often when I read something during the week I shall post it on here to share with you all.. YAY
for the bright ones amongst us, you will notice my new font.. thought i should jazz things up a little around here...


*sigh* Yesterday was such an awful evening, I really think people should start to learn some manners. It maybe just me but they don't cost anything and I feel if you are going to speak someone there is a way in which you do it. And it isn't by ending the conversation by telling someone to 'shut up' simply say 'please can you be quiet'. I could be going all old fashioned but I think manners are really important.. Anyway glancing over that topic..
I wore my tesco Lipstick yesterday... and people said it looked good, I call that a success! I think I might just wear it more often ;)
oh I should mention.. I have downloaded the 'Vogue daily news'  App and it is really good! I have found out quite a lot! It's free you should deffo download it :) Type in 'Vogue Daily' and it will come up

Inspiration this week..
comes from a good friend who is going through a hard time and this is for her because I think a good bit of news will really help her, it has shown me people can get through anything.
Also it comes from my new/old/all time obsession with Newton Faulkner.. wowee this guy is AMAZING I am currently listening to his albums now while writing and I am in musical heaven... literally. 

New Band: Urban Cone, they are a great band who I have really began to get obsessed with, omg! If you fancy a listen, the best song in my opinion is 'Deja Vu' 



All of these Images have been found on both Tumblr and a great site called LookSoup

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