Saturday, 24 November 2012

Topshop Haul/Eyebrows/Inspiration

Sat in my festive PJ's in bed with my cat and hot water bottle writing my blog and listening to Justin Beiber's new song is this a bad thing?.. *i must appologise for the length of this post and how long it has taken me to write...* productive day if you ask me ;) I have had a very productive weekend if you ask me, went shopping twice and bought many items, both prezzies and gifts for myself ;) And I also got my eyebrows threaded - what a palava that was -.-
So I went into superdrug where I always get them done cause it's cheap and it looks good after, so I walked in and I was in a bit of a rush too meet my mum - So I asked 'how long does this take?'  she replied with 5mins so I handed over the money and got it done! I was on my own may I add and I was in the shop window.. people were staring it was V. embarrassing, however, I opened my eye and had the scare of my life and she was looking directly at me..scary! And she was wearing knitted fingerless gloves.. I haven't a clue why! But it took over 15 mins and I had 20,000,000 missed calls from my mum.. (exaggeration) then I had to run to meet her.. I actually ran.. and i never ever run D: it was so embarrassing! *however they do look good and i recommend the woman, but you have to listen as they speak quietly and not in English*

This week has been another productive one Ucas is done (y) and harry's presents have been sorted and on top of that i have found my mums ring which has been lost for over 2 weeks ooops :(
casually writing the rest of this post in my music lesson, We are having a relaxed lesson so I thought I would just go for it, rebel :P 

Before I go into my recent topshop buys I have a quick mention:
My friend David McCaffrey is one heck of an amazing musician/songwriter/singer and he has got his new song up on the old Youtube, It's called 'Forty Days'. He has got an EP which you can download/buy from his Facebook which i will link below, this contains one of my favourite songs 'Stars', I guarantee you all will love that track!
He has a similar sound to Ben Howard/Ed Sheeran so if you like those guys deffo check him out - I love his voice and he is AMAZING live! He has supported the likes of Sandi Thom & Ryan Keen.Big things for this guy :)

Forty days is above :)
Facebook -
Blog -

Enjoy :)

Topshop Haul:
As most of you know / or don't know, I have been invited to a James bond themed party for next weekend, so I thought I need a dress, so hit topshop and tried on a few dresses and this is what I came away with:
I think this is a really classy dress, and I adore the colour. I think it looks great dressed down and dressed up.. so much love for it! 
- I then went to the t-shirt section and I found this t-shirt tunic dress..
Now when I got it I didn't notice the slits down the side, and I was put off by it when i wore it at first but after wearing it, I think its different but looks really cool! I haven't quite found the perfect outfit for it yet, but when I do I shall let you guys know! You may also notice the colour scheme, I really like this colour for autumn/winter so prepare yourself for more of this colour!
I then went to the jeans section. I can not stress enough how much I love their jeans - I don't get jeans from anywhere else, I think they fit really well and just last a long time. I have one pair that has lasted me since year 8 and I am year 13 now..
So I bought the Black super soft Leigh jeans - I am sure you will all know what they look like hahahaha!



as always you can find all these images on my Tumblr page- which is linked in the bar above :) 

Thanks for reading chaps - 
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  1. Love the burgundy midi long sleeved dress, I was thinking about getting something similar!

    1. thank you - i think you should go for it! It will look good with anything :) xx