Thursday, 15 November 2012

movember and sons/rings

Hello my lovely ones - by the title i think you can all see the amusement I had when I saw the poster which is in my college, by lord I was laughing for so long! I think movember is a really good thing, apart from when you see guys who can't grow a tash or a beard trying.. yes they are trying but come on it looks AWFUL! As my mum calls it, and i am sure many of you will also, bum fluff... YUM! I think I might try and grow a tash,, or maybe not ;)
What has this week in store for me?
Uni Applications D: i really CBA, i mean I need to re do my personal statement and find one more uni to go to, its just effort! i will try and keep you all informed on what i am doing!
Also this weekend Harry is taking me out on a date! I am quite excited about it really, as he hasn't taken me out for a meal before.. if i am honest i am rather nervous.. :/ 

I'm a celeb! i am so happy it has started! It now feels really festive, i feel ready for christmas more so than i was last year!

I should say - that i am currently writing this in the newly decorated common room at my college.. with my flask! so if by some chance i get distracted it is because my friends are putting me off -.- they don't like it when i dont reply to their conversations.. However soon the kitchen will open and i think it will be time for a morning cookie.. cause i am so healthy ;)

Fashion this week should be rather relaxed to contrast my stressy week D: this just made me remember, when i went into lush (i will get into it in a mo!) this lovely woman complimented me on my topshop oxblood jumper.. Omg I thought I was going to hug her! I felt so cool.. like 'yeah bitch I am stylish.. look at me'  however I smiled dorkily and said 'gee thanks'  EMBARRASSING.
So.. In lush i got some free samples.. actually i got a fair few.. i went all out! However the lady never labelled them, so i don't know what i have D: such a downer. 

News; Of course now the festive season is here there is Xmas lights being put on all over the country, one that particualry caught my eye was the Carnaby Street lights to commemorate the rolling stones 50th anniversary. The lights are AMAZING!

In addition to this, for the 90's kids among us who know about Furby's.. well.. THEY ARE BACK! I aren't too sure if this is a good thing, but hey ho i loved them!

Last week's buys... Well for my bday i got a few pennies to spend & Harry was feeling nice. So I went to York and hit the Pandora shop, and i got myself some rings(H&M) and harry got me one :) It's simple yet really effective and i think it looks really really classy

with this come my swatch watch review...
I think it is so simple but so so effective I think it is really lady like and I find it will brighten up any outfit due to the colour - however i can see many people finding it hard to put on on their own as the strap is fiddly as it is a double strap, but that doesn't detract it from the fact that this is one amazing watch.

New skirt.. Review.
It's a leather one.. And I thought it was going to be a smidge risky.. but I LOVE IT. I can't stress it enough :) however... when you sit down it rides up -.- and there is one.. ONE.. awkward pleat down the side and yeah you can see my crown jewels if you get my drift ;) and no one wants to see that, so I don't know when I should wear it, as I am always sitting down D: CRISIS. 

i will leave you on this amazing note... 

thanks for reading chaps - speak soon
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