Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Young Republic/Stylist Pick

Christmas is so soon.. just as an opener for you, and I have only bought 1 present.. this is unorganisation to the MAX! However i have a reason, i have been busy revising for the theory for driving.. GAH! it's so soon D:

As some remember or if you are new here, I wrote a post about online shopping, well... Previously I got an email by 'The Young Republic' about their new christmas range, so in the opposite bar you will find an interactive booklet of their products... We are going all techno here guys ;) if you are unable to view this here is the link:

after having a cheeky look myself there is some products which really stand out for me such as: the Maxi Dress Zoe phobic
I think it is so classy, but you could easily dress it down with a jacket.. love it!

Also what caught my eye was the embellished ruby dress... i love the leather and the little embroideries, i think it's so beautiful

what also caught my eye was the Asymmetric cardigan i thought it would look amazing with a blouse and some leggings and loafers for a casual look:

finally what caught my eye were the paperbag floral shorts, wow i think they are so jazzy but they are so sophisticated! I think they are so nice, i am impressed!

As you can probably tell, i really like this website, so all of you have a look.. I will now stop using the phrase what caught my eye.. I apologise! 

What else has really caught my eye is the online store called:
I was blown away by their shoe collection and there's on specific pair that has really caught my eye and I need them. NEED.

This is the only image I could use.. which is upsetting! but however i think they are lovely and with those shorts above the two will be one amazing outfit. AMAZING. 

Thanks for reading chaps - post up again tomorrow morning!
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