Saturday, 10 November 2012

News/Day In Pictures

So casually flipping through my magazines cause I am awesome, and through my e-mails and I read that selfridges have opened up a new male shoe section, the biggest in the world... I think I sat at my computer screen in awe of it!! I want to witness what it looks like.. haha! So this sparked up an idea in my head.. every so often when I read something during the week I shall post it on here to share with you all.. YAY
for the bright ones amongst us, you will notice my new font.. thought i should jazz things up a little around here...


*sigh* Yesterday was such an awful evening, I really think people should start to learn some manners. It maybe just me but they don't cost anything and I feel if you are going to speak someone there is a way in which you do it. And it isn't by ending the conversation by telling someone to 'shut up' simply say 'please can you be quiet'. I could be going all old fashioned but I think manners are really important.. Anyway glancing over that topic..
I wore my tesco Lipstick yesterday... and people said it looked good, I call that a success! I think I might just wear it more often ;)
oh I should mention.. I have downloaded the 'Vogue daily news'  App and it is really good! I have found out quite a lot! It's free you should deffo download it :) Type in 'Vogue Daily' and it will come up

Inspiration this week..
comes from a good friend who is going through a hard time and this is for her because I think a good bit of news will really help her, it has shown me people can get through anything.
Also it comes from my new/old/all time obsession with Newton Faulkner.. wowee this guy is AMAZING I am currently listening to his albums now while writing and I am in musical heaven... literally. 

New Band: Urban Cone, they are a great band who I have really began to get obsessed with, omg! If you fancy a listen, the best song in my opinion is 'Deja Vu' 



All of these Images have been found on both Tumblr and a great site called LookSoup

Thank-you for reading chaps - speak soon
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