Sunday, 4 November 2012

Beauty and the Tired Beast

Bonfire night was so freezing I thought my toes were going to fall off! however romantic it seemed at the time it was so so cold :( This is the thing, if we were in Australia where you could be warm and watch fireworks life would be so much simpler and nicer for that matter.. but no i had to struggle with my toes falling off #winning! 
However, I hope your nights were joyus and no one got harmed.. thats always a plus! no got harmed over here so i call that a certified bonus (y) top marks for helmsley ;)
As you are all aware  i have died my hair.. OMG! so this is exciting since my nana really didn't want me to do it, but she likes it so i consider that something to be proud off! however I did do it when I was tired and Harry was over.. so he helped thought i should make him of use.. and it is LOADS better than it was the first time you can actually tell now ;) so all is welll and all is Ombred!! 

Jumper: Topshop
Headband: Primark (old)

this is what i looked like.. i dont think it's that bad to be honest hahaha!!

I had a rumage around my room and i came across somethings which i bought which I forgot i had or my Mum bought and gave to me.. or I have just recently purchased :) 

1. My mum bought some Avon ideal flawless foundation which she has used but she didn't want anymore and gave it to me to try... and i really like it! you don't need much on your face at all and it covers everywhere. I wouldn't recommend it for oily skin as it leaves a sheen on your face and is quite heavy.. but i recommend for normal or dry skin :) i have it in Ivory 

2. When looking round for things for Halloween I came across some dark matte Lipstick which is a really deep purple, it is rather garish if you put on loads but I have found if you blot it and build it up it is a really nice colour and very this season! So when finding this in very low amounts I went on a mission to find more! It's from tesco i think its £2.. so a bargain :) however.. because it is so cheep it does just slide of your lips after a drink.. but hey its a great colour!

3. while shopping for my new lippy, i came across the new foundation for Rimmel 'match perfect' and considering I have loads of foundation now i thought i would try the new concealer and it is really good :) not so much for under the eyes, but for covering redness on the face and round your nose and for minor blemishes it is really great :) i have it in shade 010 ivory

4. Again after finding my concealer i proceeded to maybelline to find their new 'Master Smoky shadow pencil' and I thought it looked really good, and was a good mix of the Max Factor smoky eye effect shadow in 2 steps, which i do have! But.. however good it looks it is a bugger to applicate.. the smudger is so stiff it felt like i was poking my eye out, this wasnt helped by how difficult the shadow was to blend with the smudger.. wasn't impressed! however after many tries it did look good.. so i arent sure whether i will be buying this again or not..
i have it in shade smoky Navy 

5. While in tesco's i had a look down the face isle as i like to call it, and one of my close friends recommended the Simple facial toner for a cleanser to remove makeup, as i arent a fan of facial wipes! I love it, compared to the Garnier one which i am in love with, this really does beat it. My face feels so fresh and really clean after. And for £2.50 i shall be buying it again. Bargain.

Finally; I went down to the shampoo isle for some conditioner to look after and protect my dyed hair and i came across the l'oreal 'new ever pure no sulphates colour care system' so i figured why not! And it made my ends feel so much better, less straw like (from the dye) and more soft it feels and looks healthier :) however i am still looking for other better ones, so if anyone has any tips or brands let me know!

so this has been my monthly update on my latest purchases of beauty buys! hope you all find this helpful in what you are looking to buy :) 

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