Friday, 30 November 2012

hello mr bond.. WINTER TIME

Hello my lovelies - after failing my theory last week the new test is booked and I WILL...pass this time even if it kills me! So this week has been a slow starter haven't done anything at all which sucks :( however - the exciting news is Band Xmas playing has begun.. HELL YES. *nerd alert, sound the alarm* this can only mean 1 thing chaps.. countdown to Christmas, which means festive blog posts (y) *cheer* I can see the excitement in all of your pretty eyes haha!
With this post comes: The festive Jumper party post, My best 10 crimbo songs, Candle reviews, Jumpers, Trees, Decor and many many more!
With the theme of xmas, this can only mean 2 things, Nerina Pallot gig who i go and see every festive time with my mum and her friends. And Mumford & Sons... yes you heard me! this coming tuesday i shall be there with my fiddle rocking out to Babel (y) if you are going to Newcastle, I shall see you chaps there :D
For those who are bright enough to realise, my posts are now on a weekend so I can give you a good review of the week and let you know what's going down! *and because I have loads of school work and I have no time, but.. we shall make the time!*
like I said, I am feeling super festive, got my Costa 2 for 1 the other day, I got 2 Honeycomb hot chocolates.. omg they were uh-to-the-mazing! 
What topped of my week however was the fact the bus drove off without me on Friday -.- I rushed my shower and everything and nope. He drove off. I was not amused. So I was just sat at home..not really doing anything #annoyed
Went into my local town on Wednesday, and hit the charity shops, and found some bargains, but (ready for this) I didn't buy anything, I have no idea what was wrong with me but I didn't buy one single item... and there was so many jumpers which i could've worked with but.. I dunno something has changed! I DON'T LIKE IT!

What was worn this week?
New Jack Wills leggings - i know many will be rolling the eyes at this one! It isn't as bad as it looks! I bought them because they are thick so they will keep me all toasty and because i had a 30% of code and didn't want it to go to waste, so I bought leggings! 
Festive Jumpers - now we are into December the festive knitts are allowed to come out and i aren't holding back my friends, i am going all out with the santa jumpers and whatever else comes with that ;) If this means becoming a Bridget Jones.. BRING IT ON.
Still need a new coat *sigh* I will find one soons I hope, I am hoping to find one on Ebay or on Asos Market place <<-- new fave place 

ready for the James Bond themed party tonight - i think it's going to be so much fun! got my dress at the ready - which is in the previous post! got my toy gun.. emphasis on toy, got my little toy cat ready... just need some make-up ideas hmmmm
oh I am going as Pussy Galore (from goldfinger i think,, don't kill me if I'm wrong!)

Piccys will be up next week!

News *queue rubbish theme tune*: 
Online fashion week is so soons - super excited! starts the 3rd of December and ends on the 7th! Hopefully I will get in on some of the daily offers... If all goes to plan the xmas shopping will be sorted and I will become a saint for being so organised.. BOOM. 

Inspiration (winter edition): 

as always you guys can find these images on my tumblr :)

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