Monday, 10 December 2012

busy times! I just like to smile, smiling's my favourite

hello my darlings- sorry this is a late one! To start the ball rolling 'hi I'm Buddy the Elf - what's your favourite colour?' Gotta love elf chaps... This shall be what happens every blog until Christmas, a movie quote to share with you my festive moments :P
Anyway...I have had one heck of a week, been full of cold so much so that I couldn't speak during Mumford and sons, of whom were incredible :D then I had my last junior band xmas concert.. I am slowly becoming less of a nerd and I don't really like it! I liked being a little nerd.. now I am turning normal D: that thought really scares me!! however, I am writing this on my day off WOO! So I am quickly typing so if this doesn't make sense its because I am tired and rather ill from eating too much ice cream :/ (it was on offer in co-op.. guilty as charged) then lastly I went to go and see the incredible Nerina Pallot - and as always she was amazing :) so it was nice to spend time with the mother before family times.. ;) If you haven'e heard any of her songs you are missing out: check out 'Idaho' such a great song.

On top of this chaps... I have done the Christmas shopping *pause for applause* and I have 2 weeks to go.. I call this an ultimate success and medals shall be flocking my way ;) I love going xmas shopping, mainly because I get to spend ages in shops and say 'look lady I am xmas shopping don't rush me'  and they are fine with me chilling in the shop, and also there is so many nice little gifts I have got and if I have got too many then bingo! there is some for me ;) I kid..I kid..

here they are.. omg

I have been really wrapping up this week it's been so cold up here, I feel this Arctic weather is slowly getting worse and soon we will see penguins and polar bears roaming round and we shall move into igloos.. it could happen my friends! But if anyone has any ideas on what to wear on the big day - please let me know as i usually get something spesh to wear with the family :)
So really I have been chilling my jeans, and really taking advantage of the fact I can layer things this season (y) as a side note, I have been wearing my Uggs :O I haven't worn them in quite sometime and my feet were frozen so I went for it..and I thought I was just chilling in my slippers, forgot how amazing they were to wear :P

What else... oh yeah! The James Bond party was a little bit amazing! I managed to do my makeup amazingly without a mistake and my dress looked pretty decent to! and the evening was top notch :) so all in all (even though I did develop my cold from that night!) it was really good and I had a great time! yay good times ;)

festivities: This weeks Christmas love is....
this candle smells incredible even though it is rather pricey for a candle I think its £38? I aren't too sure, it smells amazing and I think it smells rather chirstmassy, I am really thinking about buying one of their Christmas candles called Oliban Frankincense again its rather pricey as its limited edition but hey! you gotta do it ;) and its in a nice pot (y)

As always I sometimes include someone,something or pictures which have inspired me or moved me in some way. This week a close friend of mine lost someone close to their hearts on Saturday. being so close to Christmas the fact how strong they are being has made me really think how lucky I am. This then stemmed off into realising how each and everyone of us has a certain friend who we can fall out with over (after looking back) some really petty things, but at the time meant everything. And not talk for a while but when you start again it's like it all never happened, when you have that its amazing and that's what friendship is about. I don't want to mention names as the situation is pretty bad - but I shall call her Shanequa.. This may seem random but I thought I should spread a bean of knowledge :P So this is why this is my inspiration, to hold onto friendship and be the best friend you can be :) No matter what I know I have Shanequa - and she will always have me. That is my inspiration this week. *Sorry for the depressingness of that little talk there...*

I shall leave you with this happy note:

Thanks for reading guys - 
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