Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Silly tuesday: 01

so i have been sat alone at home alone all day.. thought i would maybe starting adding some form of fun to my blog they have been really deep recently aha! so i have decided silly tuesday would work! 

jumper: abercrombie & fitch
top: topshop

i tried out this new editing programme on my computer this afternoon thought i would give it a whirl.. so i am in black and white! exciting times teehee :)

the top i am wearing is fairly old now, but i absolutely love it, i wear it nearly all the time i think it looks pretty awesome with everything so i practically live in it, and i have done since summer, not too sure if thats good or bad!!
its the same with my jumper its fluffy inside so it keeps me lovely and warm which is always a plus! i have had it a while.. but again goes with most things.. which is a win win situation :) 
so news of this week, i need to wear my glasses nearly all the time now, which i find depressing because its such a faf having to take them places! so i think contact lenses are the way forward! whoop! and not only that but i am going shopping AGAIN tomorrow which should be awesome... i havent much money but i am sure i will find something ;) so it will be another late post :/ but stay tuned as i will be posting :)

last week of the holidays now.. this is just getting sad..! i miss christmas... haha

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