Sunday, 1 January 2012

happy new years :)

well a happy 2012 to you all, hope your all not to rough... unlike me.. oops!

well like i said yesterday i did my nails with some minx, so i thought i would share with you the nails! you have to bear in mind here i took this at the party, so the picture isn't that good! but it gets my point across :) 

i got these in topshop: Nail Rock in blue star

also to keep you informed i wore the dress to the party, not sure if that was a good choice but hey i think it looked pretty good ;)

so i now need to find some more clothes which i can wear to school, preferably not more shorts i now have way to many pairs, i shall keep you informed on how this goes, hopefully well.. 

i will do some more music from tomorrow now that the big party season has finished! 

happy new year :) 

like and comment, amie x

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