Saturday, 31 December 2011


happy nye to everyone i hope 2012 brings you joy and happiness. 
i think this should be a blog where i have time to reflect on the past year (sad i know! but it has to be done!) 

1. 2011 was good for me as it taught me some valuable lessons about people, myself and my family 
2. it also showed me that if i put my mind to something i can do it
3. that i have the most amazing family and friends, so why try and lose them?
4. that you cant really trust anyone because you can never be too sure if they will tell anyone, i mean it can just slip out!
finally, people move one whether its from friend to friend, family members or just from things that have happened. and when this happens you also have to move on and not dwell on the past, because at the end of it all you will probably see them again or get reminded. 

(deepness over!) 

so tonight i was thinking possibly sparkly shorts, vest. 

vest: topshop
shorts: vila in ark clothing

i didn't want to put the outfit on yet as i will be posting some images up of me wearing them.. working up some tension!

so the next outfit is a dress.

dress: Glamorous in ark clothing

so as you could tell i am having a dilemma, i shall be posting up my nails tomorrow after the party as i havent done them yet haha! 

have a good one, see you next year
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amie x 

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