Friday, 30 December 2011

portrait friday: 01

hoodie: abercrombie & fitch 

I felt that maybe I should show you on a Friday what I am looking like.. so here is me this morning! 
so fashion wise I have some new rings of which I am wearing everyday which is interesting for me, as i never usually wear them.. now I live in them. 

on the left: miss selfridge
middle: miss selfridge
right: accessories

I suppose these rings in particular you can wear with anything which is good! because that is what I do ;)

so on with a bit of a moan, I hate it when people cancel on you.. I think that's just plain awful especially when they tell you they can make it and then someone then changes their mind, I must say that that has annoyed me  a little. rant over. 

With music this week: 
1. James Blake, I think his voice is amazing and also his music is very different, but I find that his songs are a little similar and some songs drag on.. but never the less he is still a very talented man if you want a listen go for 'limit to your love' or my recent fave 'a case of you'
2. Alphabeat.. how I managed to come across them again really does baffle me.. but I did and I have to say if your ever in a sad mood go for 'Fascination' of their first album 'this is alphabeat' its just pure amazing and wapps a smile on my face
3. Ben Howard. You will often hear me saying about him I think he is just simply amazing. His lyrics are meaningful and I can relate to them, whether its the correct way or not I think I can! if you want a listen go for 'old pine' 'the fear' or 'black flies'  (plus my mum likes him also, I think that could be an added plus :) ) 

thank-you for reading, comment and like please :)

all my love Amie... x

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  1. Love the rings! Cute blog!