Saturday, 10 March 2012

... failure

i am actually the biggest failure of a blogger ever :( it has been months, but i honestly have been so busy with work (bummer i know!) 

i have moved on from jewellery and i am now working on my addictive shopping havent been in 1whole month... deffo a personal record, this means that i am rather excited about going shopping next weekend (y) primark YAY and topshop.. so many items i want..
so i have now moved on to loving shorts.. especially denim ones like the Levi 80's style ones, comment if you know where i can get an authentic pair.. :)

very excited for Leeds Fest tickets out on Monday! dont think i can contain my excitement! very much looking forward to this summer <3
things have changed for me atm i have a top 10:
10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - an old band now but still really cool if you like the naked an famous check them out :)
9. the maccabees - simply the most amazing indie band around! i really love them their new album is amazing and very orignial loving the track Pelican :)
8. Various Cruelties - a new band to the scene of which Great Unknown is amazing really laid back and the guitar riff at the beginning is so simple but so so good :)
7. Emeli Sande - one amazing woman i love her music so laid back and chilled, deffo going to get the CD for my car when i have passed my test!
6. Tallest Man On Earth - the album Wild Hunt of which came out in 2010 is really laid back chilled great if you just want to relax, great for a good bubble bath! Kristian Matsson the lead singer his voice is just beautiful and oozes with amazingness! (if that is a word!)
5. Birdy - her new album eventhough it has been out for a while i got the other week from HMV and wow her voice blew me away and 1901 of which is her new single is really beautiful and most of the songs i feel you can relate too of which is hard when you are young in the music industry. Beautiful
4. Arctic Monkeys - my all time favourite band ever! their new song 'R U Mine' out now! is really different to their old stuff and is highly original i predict big things for this song!
3. Ben Howard - no list is correct without him! his voice is just pure awesome and his album is so cutting edge it makes me smile!
2. Michael Kiwanuka - winner of radio 1's sound of 2012, his song 'I'm Getting Ready' out on monday 12th of march is so so good! the lyrics are so simple but yet hardcore! i love him, deffo one of my new faves!

1. my ultimate fave is Daughter (Elena Tonra) amazing woman recently she has been supporting Ben Howard on his tour and her voice is beautiful and her song 'Youth' is my fave song so so good! check out her new EP - The Wild Youth Out now!

this is has been very wordy.. i shall do another blog tomorrow more fun! but i thought i should share my musical enjoyments currently :)
like and comment :)
Amie x

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