Sunday, 28 April 2013

Oh Dear..

Hello my loves, isn't this weather just incredible? I swear this good weather has put me in such a good mood! After the downs of the recent weeks I have never been so happy! *sigh* I think I might need to calm down ;)

So this week I have done nothing...Nothing at all! Which I suppose is a good thing, been spending time trying to do some bits to my blog, lets see if we can jazz this place up a little! we need to add some TLC! and I aren't just chatting about a new font.. we may be having a new colour scheme *gasp* .. So if you guys have any ideas please drop me a comment it would be greatly appreciated!! 

This weeks fashion disaster: My mum got me a new tan.. In dark skin. I didn't realise. I went to school do I put this..Like an ikea wardrobe. I was a dark shade of mahogany. Gee thanks mum (y) Love you too!
This weeks sad news: After going out last night.. I chipped my tooth. After having not one single problem with my teeth for 18years and with them being really straight it was a sad time.. and I am super hacked off -.- and 2 days before my recital I chip a tooth making it really painful to play.. Idiot points awarded. I am hoping they can squeeze me in ASAP I look like I belong on Jeremey Kyle.
Fashion News: Prom dress = sorted. BOOM. All I need is some shoes and I am ready to go!

*teachers pet alert* so in a pact to try a little harder at keeping myself motivated to do more work, I decided to go all out with my notes on Britain in 1889. So to try and make it look exciting, I added colour and *ready* a map. *round of applause*
Being super impressed I showed my teacher. You could say he was more than impressed and said and I quote "some of the best notes I have seen."

This weeks AOTW is a little different.. I haven't got one but I have a song! and that song is just the most catchy thing I have ever heard. And it has been on repeat in my room for the past few days!

Stooshe - Slip. Now I will admit I wasn't keen on the band at first, even though black heart was another babe of a song! But this one... omg... it is just me written all over it! There is a hand clap, some ooo's some ahhh's and some trumpets! also I can copy the dance moves in my bedroom.. yes I am 18 and I still do that.. don't judge...

There you go loves.. have a good little clap and a dance along to this beaut!

So this week if I had more money than I could cope with I would:
1. Go on holiday to BoraBora with my best mate.. just cause! It looks warm and you can just chill, and who knows what amazing adventures you could go on out there!! 

on a serious note I would get a new trench coat, I think I would go burberry since I think they are classic piece in all honesty. I think they go with pretty much anything and they look really smart, so yeah I would go out and buy me one of those beauties. Specifically I would buy the Mid-Length Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat, retailing at £995.. I only have £9.95.. so divide the price by 10 and I am there (y) 

thanks for reading this little shortie!
See you next weekend or mid week! 

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