Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sun Sun Sun

Aloha, my lovelies! Hasn't this weather just been amazing? I have been lapping up the sun with my new tooth ;) and enjoying the fact I am 18 by having a drink in the beer gardens. Oh this is the life!! 

Oh boy, exams start next week *oh lord give me strength* I really don't have any motivation to do anything but sleep.. But we must solider on *cries* 
Funeral: my ipod classic has officially died. He has served me well for many years and now he just wont connect to my Itunes, it always says something about formatting a disk before I can use him :( RIP tod the Ipod.
So now I have an 8GB touch.. and I have already filled it.. This is so painful.

Fashion wise, I have found some amazing topshop coral coloured tapered trousers in my drawers, and I just think they are awesome to wear in this glorious weather :)
by following the trends of JW Anderson, I have been wearing them with an over sized black blazer and a cropped t-shirt with them and a cheeky pair of loafers, you could say I am liking the oversized boyfriend look right now!
I should also add that I have changed my Instagram name to: justme_amie.
so go check it out!!
I have also made a recent purchase from Urban Outfitters, finally plucked up the courage to purchase the Homies new york t-shirt in white :D However it was £30.. which is rather pricey for a top... BUT I DON'T CARE.. 

What else... oh yeah! Booked my family holiday, Antigua for 2 weeks! Omg I am super excited! Need more bikini's and more sun wear, to wear in the ultimate heat! bliss.

In other news - I went on to buy my prom dress and I think the worst thing to happen, happened. Its out of stock. THE FURY.
But don't worry - I have got on from Zara, post to follow! Just need to find some shoes! 

AOTW: Jamiroquai, Was casually on the Itunes offers and I saw this, bought it. And it has lead to me being IN ACTUAL LOVE with them... My fave song is deffo Cosmic Girl! So catchy it just puts the biggest smile on my face! Super dooper groovy! (yes I did just say groovy, I aren't proud of my actions.. but live with it.) So here is the video I demand you to listen and have a dance.. It makes you happy ;)



As always you can find all of these images on my tumblr :)

Thank you for reading chaps, 
See you all mid week


  1. Lovely inspiration photos! The weather was really good here where I live but it turned out really bad :(

    TFD | The Fashion District
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    1. thank you - Oh really? It is raining really badly today and i am going out later.. Not fun at all!!