Saturday, 18 May 2013

Homies of.. well.. Wombleton?

This Weeks FWOTW: Velveteen. This is a cotton velvet, mainly used for loose coats and jackets - it is very difficult to tailor. For fitted suits or fitted jackets and dresses use it only if you aer very slim (apparently) as it is quite fattening... It can be gorgeous for evening capes - loose ones hanging from you shoulders in a lovely line..
Here's to me becoming a fashionable superhero. Thank-you Velveteen. 

hello everyone - hope we are all feeling okay!

Really beginning to feel seriously drained with all the stress of exams and just general life its self *sigh* I swear the only thing that is keeping me going is the fact I am going away in one month and the fact it is prom next Friday (y)

I don't think I have had such a bad day. ever. So on Friday was my last exam until the 3rd of June and it's safe to say I was well prepared and ready - but then I opened up my paper and 1 of the 2 questions I was meant to answer wasn't on. Yeah that's right. It wasn't there D:
So after spending MONTHS revising the play Importance of Being Earnest and remembering every single analytical question and technical term, and it wasn't there - so as you can imagine MAJOR panic.
So the exam officer at my college, rang AQA and I had to do the analytical question on the Kite Runner as well as doing the adaption on it.. which isn't allowed..
Luckily, me and 2 others get put into special accreditation and they are going to mark it as normal. 

but as you can imagine - majorly annoyed.
other than that.. my week has been pretty sweet.. 

1. won my prom shoes on ebay... BOOM. They are from Office and they were.. ready.. £16.50! absolute bargain if you ask me! 
2. took my best friend out for a meal for her 18th and gave her her homemade memory book and CD which was made by me.. I was highly proud of my efforts! 
3. decided that if I don't get into uni, I am going to become crazy cat lady :) It is what I am made to do. 
4. saved enough money to get some amazing holiday clothes - Antigua here we come :D


So this week - if money was no option, I would like to buy 1 of these 3 items: 
1. wildfox bel air round sunglasses, they are super dooper quirky and I just think they are so cool, and really up my street! retailing at £196.. its a little out of my price range aha..ha.. so I think I will stick to Primark right now..!
2. Prada Wedge in white. OMFG. I would seriously go out and buy most of the Prada Spring/Summer shoe collection if I could, there is so many beauties on there, but this pair have really caught my eye... Currently retailing at £495.. so I think if I want these, I wont have to shop at all for ages. and ages. 

mmm, I need these shoes in my life.. like now. 

3. I am just adoring the Kate Spade collection for Spring/Summer and when looking through the bag section I noticed the many neon coloured bags, and they all are super cute! However, one in particular has caught my eye. You can buy it in both Black and Yellow, I prefer it in black but I do like the yellow! Its the Charlotte Street Reena, retailing at $478 or £236 - which isn't too bad for a bag.. but it is still WAY out of my price range -.- 

So this week has been a hectic week music wise with me not having my classic anymore *cries* so I having sorted out all my music, my artist of the week is Jessie Ware. She is an English singer/songwriter. Her most well known track Running became an instant hit with the remix by Disclosure. This summer she is playing nearly all of the well known festivals, and her new single Imagine It Was Us has to be one of my favourite songs of 2013 (so far)
her single is available to buy in Itunes now!!

Music Listened too while writing:
Kanye West - Love Lock Down
Jessie Ware - Imagine It Was Us
MS MR - Hurricane
SubFocus ft. Alex Clare - Endorphins
Temper Trap - Rabbit Hole
Chase & Status - Lost and Not Found

thank you for reading guys!
next post will be on my prom and last day of school D:
See you all very soon 

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