Wednesday, 21 August 2013

New Look, New Me, New Start

Its been a whole month of more arguments with myself and more thinking holidays and working after making my last post about how I was back, I really wasnt sure to tell the truth! But now I have done up this place I feel like its going places, and I have had a few exciting e-mails which has spurred me on and given me faith that what I am doing is actually worth it..

Well, after an awesome holiday I am now working pretty much full time doing nanny work I currently have 3 families under my belt.. (not literally) and I think I have baked pretty much every day this past 2 weeks, so if anyone wants a bun please feel free to come and get one!
I have a haul coming your way..I have so much stuff I need to show y'all and I intend on doing so soon
still single.. (thats not really news.. more of a statement *sigh*)
I know what flat I am in for Uni, which is super exciting holla at ya flat 5.
but... I GOT IN WOOPWOOP. I am now a certified fashion journalist student a boom. I am literally so excited I can not sit still...
However, they have given me a reading list and film list which goes on FOREVER so I am set for life with reading, thanks guys (y)
About the emails, the company "CityBlis" has asked me to be a partner with them, so not only was this spififng news it have spurred me on to get cracking on here and do more with my blog- from Hauls-ranting ;)

Stuff to come...
Since I will be in and around london for the next 3 or so years, and I am being invited to many events, I am looking forward to sharing with you all what I will be getting up to etc etc. But also sharing with you my UNI troubles, successes and what I am buying to help any of you who are a shop-a-holic like me and need a budget this will be an insight into what my room is like and what I am buying. So things may change around this little home, but I feel it is for the best :) 

I am starting to think that I will blog at least once a week and from there we go really.. but this is the last time I will escape, I AM BACK!!  watch this space!!

Thank you for everyone who supports me,
see you all this weekend 

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