Friday, 23 August 2013

Little Weekend Away

This weeks FWOTW: Taffeta. This is a charming material for cocktail dresses. It must be used in quantity - very full skirts for dresses - otherwise it can look poor. (so my dictionary says you tell 'em Dior!) Sometimes it can be used for blouses, but it is a little stiff and its best use is for the evening time.
So there you are guys, watch out for taffeta... kind of sounds like a chocolate bun.. 

Hello everyone! hope everyone has had a wonderful week and is feeling super good :)

As you can probably tell by the title I am about to embark on a weekend away on my own *shock*, travelling from my home down to the lurvely Shrewsbury to see an old chummy, who I haven't seen in 4 years.. Such a long time and I will be spending 3 days with her having a catch up before we both go to uni! So as you can tell.. next week will be many an image of me in Shrewsbury and at the amaze Harry Potter Museum. OMG. so excited. With this will be Vines, Instragrams, Tweets all that shizz so look out!
But with this comes a horrifying fact that as of today I have 2 full weeks left at home before I leave...*sob/cheer*

Fashion wears:

This week I am loving the MOM Jeans by Topshop. As always you guys know all my jeans are bought from topshop as they last forever! And I am living in these beauties, they are so comfy and really support my figure YAY!
I am also loving NewLooks A/W13 shoe collection! Which is shocking as I can be a bit of a snob when it comes to this place, but I went in and I was impressed! I think in the past 2 weeks I have bought 2 pairs of shoes :| I am both happy and disappointed in myself! My fave purchase is my Chelsea boots which are a decoy of the Topshop Alexa boots. They are a fraction of the price and they are so similar it's worth going to NewLook for a looksee!
As the cold weather is among us *sigh* I have been dragging out my jackets and luckily my brother has a HUGE denim vintage looking jacket which I have stolen, it's amazing! it has an acid wash look to it, but great because I can layer it up with any jumper underneath.. And I love a good layer!

I have always been a fan of colour, and recently I am LOVING the neon. I have recently bought an amazingly neon orange crop top from toppers and I love it so much! It's amazing how something so simple can add such a good pop of colour to any outfit! I am now looking for a decoy of the American Apparel Neon Shirt.. I can't fork out £55.. I am poor!
Another Neon love of mine, is the GAP neon knitted jumpers. I have one in Coral, its just amazing! I love the colour and the feel of the wool, it feels like it could last a really long time which is good! and shocking because I usually hate GAP. Good effort boys.

A little addiction(s).. for those of you who have seen my twitter they would've seen my recent love for the British comedian Chris Ramsey. Not my type as he is Geordie and I don't really get a word they say.. but it's okay cause he is hot. omg.
Also, Carries Diaries. Anyone who is close to me I am sorry for constantly going on about this! its AMAZING! I am so hooked it is untrue.. My life is not a healthy one!

This weeks choice was a tricky one.. as there's so much music which I am loving right now; But.. I have decided on an old fave Stereophonics. I don't really need to explain this band as everyone knows who they are! What brought this on was the release of their new album "Graffiti On The Train"  which I am in love with! And listening to them live on Radio 2 and at V fest.. I fell in love with them instantly!
Recomendations of the album? "Indian Summer" and "Been Caught Cheating". If you follow me on twitter you will have seen my tweets of lyrics.. sorry not sorry!

Linked below is a single from them which is one of my personal old faves and never ever fails to put me into a good mood! Enjoy this sing along my friends..


As always all these Images can be found on my tumblr, none of these are mine! but ones which inspire me for the week to dress how I do! 

Next week:
Inspiration will be based on Uni room decor as I need most of my inspiration to design my room and I feel it might help those moving on! Harry Potter goings on & Possible Ikea wish list...

Thank-you for reading,
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See you sooon x

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