Monday, 16 September 2013

New Home/The Upper East

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well!

As you can probably tell by the title, I am now at uni! Starting life in Epsom.. living it large! pretty much had two nights out in a row and I am dead.. literally! met some of the most amazing people at uni, I dont think I have ever ever felt so at home :) it feels so nice, however, I do miss my family!
Alongside this is exciting things a-happenin with the blog, I was luckily enough to be chosen to do a review of a designer for Stanford Row, so I shall be sharing that with you all soon (y) and also with uni we have to do a street style project, which I am very excited for, and also I am going to a closing event and going to LFW so there will be some sneaky pics of that soon

So.. I went to the bloggers love event at Leicester square with one of my close friends, and it was so amazing! I had such a giggle, and the view from the Penthouse was just incredible, I cant think of anything else that would've made it more perfect :) 

The designer that I was viewing was the creation of the website, it's a great website which sells everything from underwear to makeup and the best bit is that all the items are original and so amazingly cute. Below is a sneaky look into what the website has in store for you all...






This week's artist, since being away from home and family, is my dads favourite Simple Minds. They are a band which was formed in Scotland in the 80's and they are most famous for their song "Dont You" which is featured in thr film "Breakfast Club" which promoted them in the US.
Below is the song which me and my dad like the most, and what reminds me of home.. Sad but true haha!! 

Lots of very very very exciting posts coming your way guys, next week is an Interview with a designer from Stanford row, and then LFW and street style!

Have a good week everyone, 
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