Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Last Day Of Summer...

Sat outside in the glorious sunshine, with a glass of Fanta with ice, company street-style edit and blogging… recipe for an awesome day! I love being sat outside in the sun, what a way to spend my last day of ‘summer’. As my skin is so frail I have got some sun cream on, I hate the fact I burn so easily! Its just a pooper really! (Did I really just say pooper…)

Fact you never knew about me.. I wear glasses, my friend said I should maybe post things that you didn’t know about me too keep you in the know! So yeah I am a four eyes! However I am a 6 eyes today! Got my glasses on and sunglasses over the top.. I look amazing! (don’t worry I don’t do this all the time as I only need my glasses when my eyes need to focus on things e.g computer, tv, driving etc etc)

What am I wearing today?
I did some DIY yesterday, looked through my old chest of drawers.. in the bottom drawer, I never look in there.. EVER! (stop rambling!) And to my surprise I found some really nice HUGE t-shirts one which I got in 2008 in Topshop, a black t-shirt saying ‘I love you’ so I am wearing that as a dress (it’s that long!) with my old Newlook belt, and tights and my crocs.. (was flew in my face.. did the ninja move..) Anyway! Like the fashionista that I am! Hey I am only in my garden it is allowed, and between you and I, I find them so so comfy! If anyone agrees, post a comment!

please excuse this horrid piccy.. i never know
what to do with my arms, and my face.. lets
not go there -.-
Top: Topshop (old)
Belt: Newlook (old)

My mum has been reading my blog as she says she wants to support me more, I think it’s amazing! She really likes it and says she never knew I was funny.. oh how she knows me so well! (love you mum)

News: I have long hair again! It has only taken a year -.- those who read my blog this time last year will know that I chopped off my long hair for a longish bob, oh how that is one of my biggest regrets ever! (Emphasis on ever!)
Also; I have joined LookSoup, so have a look at me on there and follow, I haven’t done much on their as I only got it today! But I shall get the hang of it, eventually with my very bad computing skills! I am slowly improving YAY!
Finally; thinking about maybe joining Youtube to show my hauls and makeup and things as I think it will be easier to show you all.. but I aren’t sure yet! Just a little idea.

Today’s obsession: (a feature I feel will be appropriate as I do a weekly one why not daily?) Not high school musical you will be all glad to hear! It is Company Street-Style Edit magazine, I love it! I am reading it like a book – I think it is so good for inspirations and telling me on how I can improve my blog with the top bloggers doing interviews! Nothing like a bit of inspiration
(however whilst writing my blog today I have got HSM the soundtrack of movie 2&3 on.. I am sorry guys I feel that it was appropriate – me being the true fan that I am :P)

Hope this wasn’t too random! Hope you all have a good day
thanks for reading – like and comment
Amie x x

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