Monday, 3 September 2012

Playlist for school.. *cheer*

Back to school.. early mornings, rushing and homework (y) sounds like a great time!
But what i hear you ask helps me get through this? not only blogging.. music..

Before i get into my list - here is what i have been up to this weekend... HSM (high school musical) I am deeply ashamed... however i really aren't! the songs are so catchy, however the lovey moments.. 100% cringe! mmmmmm zac efron.. <3 Gabriella annoys me... (venessa)
(Okay i'll stop)

here is my playlist for back to school - in no certain order!

1. The Front Bottoms... really indie and it was harry that introduced me to these (dont ask how he found them.. -.-) but they are soo good! They are a 2 man band, who write songs and yeah! they are really really good. Maps is my fave :) 

2. Bloc Party - their new album Four, is really good! its been mixed views because its too smiliar to their old music, but i love it i think its so so good! my fave tracks - Octopus and Real talk 
3. Mystery Jets - Amazing group of boys! i love their sound i think its so relaxing and chilled nothing like listening to this on a lazy morning on the bus my faves.. Flakes, Young and Seratonin 
4. Drake - not usually to my taste but i love his new songs i always feel cool when i can sing along ;) i am so cool! My faves Crew Love and Take Care
5. Alt - J - a really cool band indie again i just love the lead singer Joe Newman's voice its so soothing and like nothing i have heard before. Faves include Tessellate & Breezeblocks
6. Mat Zo - into the dancey things now! i love him so much trance is possibly one of my faves genres of all time! i always feel i can dance to this man! my fave yoyo ma

7. Above & Beyond. LEGENDS. i love these guys, i think they are so amazing!!I love every song.. 
8. Lianne la Havas - her voice is beautiful, there isnt a bad song on her album. Faves: forget, gone and age 
9. Camo & Krooked - one of my fave trance groups! so so good
10. Newton faulkner & Ben Howard. My ultimate faves. i love these two and i always will :) 

what will i be wearing when i go back? 
Not 100% sure yet, i think maybe go in easy with some jeans and a blouse. Classy yet casual.. think that's the way to go!!

Hope you enjoy your last days of summer also - comment and tell me
how you spent your last days, or your playlist :)
thanks for reading - like and comment
Amie x x

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