Saturday, 29 September 2012

Party & POTW

well i dont think i have posted a post all week this week! whats happening to me? i think i should just not do my school work.. i kid! I am still trying to conjure up some form of plan so i can post and do work! it will happen at some point! 

So last night i went to a party and got pretty bad,, obvs to get myself in preparation for my 18th next week, i needed to prepare myself somehow? right?

So with my 18th well underway with plans, i need some form of idea for makeup - i am going to post next week me in my dress, to show you all (i can see the anticipation)
And also my tan, it's kind of weird, but i am terrible at tanning as one of my previous posts stated.. i will never learn :')

POTW (picture of the week): those who know me well, know that i am a very random person and i am never serious, never. So this feature will just be a picture of me just being myself :') 
Top: topshop (old)
Nails: Bourjois in red

my obsession of the week: American X Factor... omg it's actually amazing! i prefer it loads more tot he English one (i am sorry) as you can imagine i am sat in my conservatory watching it, whilst posting and drinking tea.. My life is a sham.. but i am hungover so i dont think it matters.. right? however there is way too many breaks, there is one act and then to follow a huge break... with adverts.. sort it out ITV sort it out.

on another note... 18 in a week.. not that i am excited or anything :/

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  1. Such a cute picture! Following the blog.