Friday, 21 September 2012

Well That's Annoying!

Got called a 'sad bitch' today :/ and i asked this chap why. And he said 'because all you do is spend your time reading fashion magazines, blogging and watching LFW.. you wont do well. Your just a sado really get over yourself' 
well Mr. i can say one thing its not sad because it's something i want to go in to and i spend my time how i wish! It's better than playing Pokemon all the time -.-
okay i am done whining!

Piccy of the week: 

my nana's hat, in a little town where she lives <3

If there is one question i get asked most frequently it would be 'Where do you do write your blog? And what do you use for inspiration?' 
well those who live in the county ryedale, i do most of my blogging in a little cafe in a town called helmsley. It's really quite in there and just so small and pretty and they do awesome brownies! But if i can't get there i usually write in my room with some soothing music on e.g coldplay! i find if i sit in my PJ's with some tea, that can make all the difference! My inspiration comes from my friends due to what they talk about, Food so what i am really into that day or week. What my mood is like, if i am in a bad mood or someone says something that inspires me to tell you guys about that! Also just by the news of fashion and music and also what people wear and the things i buy!
A huge mixture of things inspire me! If there is one thing that i take with me it is my little New York Notebook which my mum got me when she went away, it's small so it fits in my bag but just right so i can fit everything in there! 

London Fashion Week... omg! i wish i was there! it was amazing, i think i have watched all the shows online or on this style app i got!
it was so inspiring and i especially liked the Mulberry and the J.W. Anderson shows (y) deeply depressed that i wasn't there to watch it :/ One day. One day!

Obsession of the week: My clearasil night cleansing cream! i found it in poundland! and i thought it's a pound, i shall try it! oh my days i think its so so good :D it has prevented my breakouts, i am impressed

Dissapointment of the week: Nairs Wax removal strips.... I was deeply annoyed with these as my friend recommended them to me! and so i tried and it left all the wax on my leg.. and did nothing, i shant be buying these ever again. 

Bargain of the week: Ruby & Millie eyelash curlers! i love them, i think they do the job like anyother ones you can buy... but hey i got them cheap (cant remember how much..) but they do the job and i love it :D 

School Outfit Of The Day (SOOTD): 

please excuse the awful facial expression... 
this was the best one.. D:

Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Top: Miss Selfridge
Jeans: Pippa - Topshop (very old discontinued.. had them in yr 8)
scarf: H&M (old)

Still in shock i fit into those jeans, possibly the best thing ever!!

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