Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fancy Some Shopping?

New food addiction, Fruit and Nut bars by cadburys. Oh my lord they are so yummy! Love it when you aren't expecting to find a raisin and you do! The most amazing feeling ever!

I thought today I would share with you my Top 5 (10 would take forever!) online shopping stores, because I have been doing lots of online shopping in the past week! With each link I will say my favourite product. These stores can range from Jewellery to clothes to shoes :) Hope you like it (This is no order as i love all of these so much, and they aren't too expensive either woo!)

1. I love this store so much, there is so may items which I will be buying! However there is one that really catches my eye! It is a black blouse with a denim studded collar. WOW. 
see what i mean?!

2. This store is great as everything is rather cheap so I can buy lots of things! One item that has really caught my eye is a Leather Skater Skirt which has a studded top! It's only £20 :O It's very similar to the H&M one but, I love it!
3. Best shoe shop online I have found to date! It is so good and again all shoes aren't any more than £40 from what I have seen! The image below shows my one fave pair of shoes! 
4. So many great items of jewellery on here! and again it is rather cheap which is always a plus! I find everything on here is really girly so great for me :) here is one of my fave items:
this will be great over a blouse or with a jumper

5. eBay... need I say more? there is so many great bargains on there! I can't say much more about it really other than this comes with a warning label. it is dangerously addictive!!
When shopping online be careful with details and credit cards - just in case! Don't want to be blamed for anything! 

Hope you liked this blog - if you want more of these I have way more shops up my sleeve, I do lots of shopping! These are just a few which I thought would work for you guys, if you want more just comment!

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  1. Great post :-) love those shops too, I am following you now via GFC & twitter. Check out my blog and let me know what you think :-)

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  2. Love the black blouse with a denim studded colar :) The missguided has so amazing clothes!

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  4. really great post!
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  5. awesome choices! love them all and totally want to buy them. I'm now following :)