Wednesday, 29 August 2012

rant & inspirations

woke up late again today.. i wake up and i instantly think 'where has the day gone D:'  my body clock for school next week will be terrible..

You know somedays you just need a good rant... well today is one of those days! 
Why is it as soon as something good happens there is always someone ho has to get involved or ruin it. maybe i am just being paranoid or thinking on things too much but something is going on and i dont like it!! i know many of you will be thinking 'Omg amie just grow up and stop complaining and stop thinking about things' well i am sorry i just think about things too much and those thoughts escalate into something bigger. i care too much .. waahh  
sorry, rant over...

So I start school next Wednesday *cheer* so if you have any ideas on what you want me to blog about during school time or perhaps when you would like me to blog; drop a comment :)

today's blog is a little short and strange as i am all over the place at the mo due to my lack of brain activity and overthinking things at home! i feel this is the place i can let go.. *too much emotion*





once again i don't own any of these images ... thanks tumblr...

sorry today has been rather odd.. in an odd mood.. (again!)

thanks for reading - like and comment
Amie x x


  1. LOVE the Prada bag and the Street style photo! <3

    1. i agree - i love all of these pictures! but those are my personal faves!

  2. Hi! Nice selections!
    Saw your msg on IFB and just stopped by your blog.
    Your blog seems to be new. Keep it up with good works.
    Here's my blog if you wanna check:
    and pls follow if you like and leave me a comment so that i can do the same:)


    1. i shall have a look on your blog - i would love for us to follow each other! nothing like moral support!
      thanks for reading x