Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Having a really weird day today, don't really know what to write about.. which is kind of strange for me since i always have something to say. However, i am watching the olympics hoping for some inspiration! 
Something to comment on, if you follow me on Twitter you will have read my tweet about Glitter hair spray! omg i loved that when i was younger, and i sprayed everything with it.. and as i was watching the Gymnastics i saw they had glitter in their hair.. it just took me back! 
here is the bottle i used to own: 
good ole Claire's!!
Reminiscing over.. For my hair i am so glad to have bought a hair doughnut, i think i must be wearing my hair in a top messy bun all the time. I think it looks good with everything and you can wear it on a lazy day at home (like today!) or wear it when your going out! so i am happy.
what else... ooo beginning to get addicted to Ebay also, I have found some great vintage designer items (t-shirts/jackets etc) on there, I feel I should invest!
In addition, i have some glitter nail varnish from Nails Inc. and O.P.I if anyone knows a good way of removing it without waiting for it to chip.. please let me know via a comment or message me! Thankss!!!

So, i was talking to my mum about blogging and she didnt really get what i was doing so she read it.. and yeah she still didnt understand but she said i need to talk more about what things inspire me or what pictures inspire me! so with this links Tumblr. i am affraid to say my dears that yes i am addicted to it.. badly.. i think i was on it till 1am (this is unhealthy) but hey ho! 

Images that have inspired me:


so after that immense effort in trying to get all these images fit, this is what has inspired me for the following week, and i just love these pictures! (i don't own any of these pictures these were all found on the Fashion section on good old tumblr!) With this links.. I HAVE FOUND MY CAMERA!!  i was worried for a whole day yesterday but phew! i have found it and it is charging, so there should be soon some outfit of the day, nails, and hair things coming up soon! WOOO

a bit of a jumbled up mess today really! i hope you all have a lovely day!

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Amie x x



  1. Aaaaagh the final 2 images are probably my favorites! That Nada Prada top <3

    1. i agree there :') i really want that top.. think i shall ebay it!!

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  3. i lovee these images!