Monday, 20 August 2012

obsessive.. i think so...

what a strange week i am having it seems to be going too fast.. and it feels like i am still on saturday D: body clock is really bad.. oops! 

Fashion Wise: this week i am being really casual because i aren't really doing much, just chilling at home and lounging with the boyf before he goes away on holiday... which means.. movie day woop! i love those! anyway... inspirations this week not only images but Teen Tatler a really good magazine and i think it really fits with teen life (surprisingly!) but i was really impressed.. Thumbs Up!

so my obsessions... 
1. Oreo's.. omg they are incredbile and i think i eat a mini packet everyday, not good for me but YOLO (did i just say that.. kill me now!)
2. Billy Elliot, my friend had it on DVD and we decided to watch it.. i loved it so much i bought it and watch it nearly every day! i think its so amazing and ooop the music is so groovy (cringe)
3. Leggings, the most comfy thing ever but i have so many pairs wether they are black, stripey, wool.. i have them and wear them loads.. 
4. A band called One Direction.. *sigh* i can see many eyes rolling.. but i think they are catchy and harry.. OOFT (i felt you guys needed to know about this)
5. Mascara.. infact any beauty product.. i have so much beauty products i could run a pharmacy i love them though.. i like the choice of what i can look like etc.. i am such a girl!
6. my new Henna Tattoo which i got to see if i liked the design before i get a real one.. its a swollow which many will think 'Oh my god common much!' well i like it so HMPH

7. painting my nails, i have recently been redoing my colours every other day! its so bad, but hey its cool... right?
8. Youtube.. this is so unhealthy i can sit for hours and watch videos and chill.. my life is a sham. SHAM!

Quick point: those who got their results hope you all did well! And if you do GCSE's good luck for thursday (y)
sorry for not blogging regularly.. this is bad i have been so busy but i shall do more! 





(Again i dont own any of these images i found them all on the wonderful Tumblr!)

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Amie x x

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