Monday, 20 August 2012


i like mushrooms now... weird cause i used to HATE them with a passion but they are really yummy.. i just need to work on liking eggs.. i doubt it will happen but hey! it could... (no)

So yesterday, me and a friend attempted to bleach the ends of my hair, and it went well yay! it didn't quite go too light but it lightened it up a little bit, so i am winning here woop! things are looking up.. 

however; i have learnt a valuable lesson in the past week.. Just because it's a pound doesnt mean you have to buy it! so, One needs to controll ones purchases.
there we go, Life fact for you! 

Unlike my other blogs were i write them on the day/morning i am doing this in preparation for what is going to be Today (confusion D: ) because, i am going to Sunderland open day WOOOP since i have got the results i wanted i thought i should go to some open days! so please comment if you were there today or thinking about going!! 
However, i don't know what to wear so this should be fun... 

So like i do everyday i have been doing my nails and i got some new Topshop ones. Sliver Crush and a lilac sparkle number.. not sure on the name as i peeled the label off.. oops..

my hand looks deformed...

i need to prepare for leeds - even though i arent going till friday, i feel i need to be more organised D: however I am realllllyyy excited! I think its going to be a good weekend (y) 

Point: i have an Unhealthy addiction to Drake and AlunaGeorge.. its really bad D: save me!

going to leave you with a new band (to me!) which i am in LOVE with. They are an Indie band called 'Walk The Moon' from Ohio formed in 2008.
their previous EP - 'Anna Sun' is amazing, it has been my summer holiday soundtrack. In 2010 they released their album 'I want, I want' again its amazing and i think i like every song!

This Year they are releasing their new album 'Walk The Moon' which i don't think is avaliable in the UK yet.. (dont kill me if i am wrong!) 
Have a listen to 'Anna Sun' & 'Shiver' my two faves :)

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Amie x x

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