Monday, 6 August 2012

Spring/Summer round up/news on band & Autum/Winter

So summer is ending... this is probably the saddest thought ever! because it hasn't felt like summer at all, with all the silly rain -.- it makes me sad thinking how much rain we have had! however looking back its been good.. why?
1. i met harry and we are together now which i think is a good thing, as i have managed to get him to dress much better which i think is an accomplishment in itself!
2. I have a huge collection of shorts i feel i should show you guys the amount of shorts i own.. but i feel you would all be shocked!
3. I have some how managed to get back into fake tanning even though i told my friends i wouldnt after all the mistakes of the past 3 years!! (my life is a sham) but hey ho! i am actually good at it now...
4. I have re kindled my love for blogging again after i stopped due to silly AS levels.. but now i am dedicated woop!
5. My Makeup collection is growing rapidly and i think if i carry on i wont be able to walk into my shower (due to the high amount of shampoo) and look out of my window in my bathroom (as thats where all my makeup/creams/facial wash lives...) *sigh*
6. i have agreed with all my family/friends that yes i am addicted to both clothes and makeup and how could i forget.. shopping! it is something i am both disappointed in but also glad as i can safely say i have a wonderful joy in it and i arent addicted to drugs so meh! 

Band News: *nerd alert* Thats right we have new uniforms. This is fashion based so i feel compelled to share with you the fact that yes. we have some brand new Fleeces/Waterproofs (they turn inside out..wild i know!) knew jackets & new skirts.. may i add these are the comfiest skirts EVER.

on some random notes: i love Macarons.. oh my lord they are so yummy! i think i am too addicted going to make Harry bake me some, luckily he is amazing at baking.. i am one lucky girl! 
also, WOW to Mr. Bolt.. i have a serious crush on that guy.. it's unhealthy i love that signature pose of his, one day i shall master it!
can i also add, i have managed to fit in my old size 10 jeans. this my dears is an AMAZING achievement not only do feel great that i an fit in them my mum is also shocked *haha* 

hmmm, i love him... sad really...
oh my. this is making me hungry D:

so what am i wearing today? this is hard to explain since i have lost my camera charger... oops... So i am wearing my leggings from Topshop which have a leather look pannel running down the side of the legs. A Grey baggy long sleve top from Miss Selfridge and also my beloved baggy denim shirt from ark... i hope you can paint a very vague picture of what i am wearing, however i am now going to try and find both camera and charger.. 

i also have a new addition to my shoe family YAY! another pair of flossy's i have a navy pair, now i have a maroon pair they are so comfy i live in those babies! May i also add they are great driving shoes.. ;)
managed to snap these with my phone.. Beauties
Jeans: Topshop

Whats in store for Autum/Winter? 
1. i turn 18.. YAY not really fashion based but i think its a pretty big mile stone in my life
2. i get to buy some more coats, i love a good coat! especially Zara ones, i have a lovely one from their and my god its amazing! when it hits the time, i shall post a picture up!
3. Fashion Week in London arrives, sadly i cant get down at the time it is on, but i shall be following intently and comment on the pictures that i see
4. Christmas.. My favourite time of year! i think it is so pretty and i can get some more festive Jumpers, wow i love those! also its time for the big knits the best thing in the world christmas playing with band. this doesnt count.. *nerd alert*
5. time to buy some winter shoes, i dont really own any and i never have! i am going to change this and i am going to purchase some! 
since autum/winter is not a while yet i shall leave this at a healthy 5 points, i shall add more!

a tad long today, sorry guys! but there was a lot to share with you all!

thanks for reading - like and comment
Amie x x


  1. Those maroon shoes are the sweetest!

  2. It is depressing knowing that summer is ending, but at the same time I am happy!

  3. I'm ready for summer to end because I love to layer clothing! Fall is absolutely my favorite season . . . too bad in texas it won't be fall until October at least. . . Cute blog! Found you on IFB - Would love it if you checked mine out!