Sunday, 5 August 2012

fake tan/Olympics/skirts...

Bought some more fake tan, for the friends who read this.... i am sorry! for those who dont know me that well, i am going to let you into a secret.. i cant fake tan to save my life D: However, i have progressed and my tan actually looks really good (if i do say so myself!) and to apply i used a kitchen sponge. The ones with the scrubber at the top and the spongey bit at the bottom.. well yeah! it works a treat!
the tan i use is : Garnier summer body moisturising lotion :) definitely the best lotion i have used!
as an instant tan: St Moritz instant tanning lotion (i use the sponge for this!) what i found with this one is, if i apply it at the night time sleep with it on and have a shower in the morning to remove the top layer and it looks much more natural :)

is it just me or do you feel much more proud to be English now the Olympics are in London? i am so obsessed it is on my Tv all the time! i also have the Apps to tell me things! But... harry told me yesterday that Katherine Copeland (the rower) is his older sisters friend and was in his rowing club.. so this has just made me more excited :D i think its great that she won gold however i feel yarm will be riddled with piccys of her.. But good for her!

on a more fashion based front, i arent really a skirt person but recently i am wearing skirts loads more! a few people have said its strange to see me not in shorts but hey! i fancied a change and i think i like skirts more now.. we shall see where this goes later on next week! another thing i think i need to start doing my portrait of the week thing again - feel that i should start it :/ or maybe talk more about my clothes...
but i am recently wearing my checked shirt from topshop, i shall post a blog about it tomorrow i may even post up some other favourite clothes of mine..oh the ideas!!

Musically - have a listen to an old favourite band of mine Life In Film - Carla and also Josh Osho - Giants. These are such good songs i listen to them all the time! along with my Lianne La Havas addiction and obvs Ben Howard.

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Amie x x

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