Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Jumper: Jack Wills in Grey (old)
Leggings: Primark
Socks: Jack Wills 
This is what i wore today nothing really special haha! as recently i have just been chilling at home.. lazy i know.. but when the olympics are on one must support their country and watch! its all for a good cause.. i hope! (excuse the sock Picture, i was standing where my lamp was for good light and my folder was there...)

The Olympics as you all know has been all i have been going on about for the past week and a bit, i think you are all sick of hearing it! but now it has ended it has inspired me a little.. As when i was younger until i was 15 i did lots of dancing untill i hurt my knee which made me stop as i couldnt dance the moves anymore. Now i am starting up again with my aunties friend who teaches ballet, she is giving me lessons on my own without being around 3 year olds :P so al very exciting in the exercise world hahahaa!
Like i said the Olympics has ended i feel i should say, i shed a fair few tears! i miss it already! i want some good tv hahaa!

this picture gets me everytime... 
the 2nd girl in the queue reminds me of myself.. as she is 
pulling a face at the good one in front... :')

rant: i went shopping with my mum yesterday and i think it was much needed :') however, i went to the perfume section of Debenhams to see if i could get some testers (simple i know!) and the lady lead me to the big bottles of perfume and looked at me like i was silly.. so i said 'no i mean the little testers you can take home..?' to which she responded 'but you can't take these bottles home..' and this convo went round in circles with her responding only with 'but you cant take these bottles home' *sigh* i had to walk away... before i said something.. but the point of the rant is, you think that the woman would know what i meant! i get little testers all the time.. am i the only one? 

My next blog should be a little more less random :) see you then
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Amie x x

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